Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Año Nuevo‏

Woo we passed Christmas, and the new year comes quickly. The Bolivians have their own unique style of celebrating Christmas; the grand feast is Christmas Eve at midnight-ish. So much is cooked that the leftovers are used for lunch the next day. Also, at midnight, everyone launches fireworks. There were so many fireworks and explosions going on that we couldn't sleep. And we're told that New Years will be even bigger...

Monday we didn't really have much time to do anything around here in Montero since we had to go down to Santa Cruz. Why? For the Christmas dinner of course! Last year we went to a buffet and ate the place out; this year we didn't go to a restaurant. Instead, we all gathered in the Paraíso stake center, where food from all over America was prepared. From the American stuffed turkey, to the Peruano causa (Peru dish), and the Argentina asada (meat) we ate. We also talked with friends and other missionaries until we had to head all the way back to Montero to sleep.

Tuesday morning we went over to the bishop's house as a zone to help lijar y pintar (sand and paint) his house. We had a fun time. Afterwards we had a little intercambio (exchange) to let an Elder that started his mission in Floresta come and tour his old area. Then, in the night, we got a surprise call telling us about more immigrations we had to do. To make it even better, we had to be in Santa Cruz by 5 in the morning. As such, we didn't get to sleep much if at all, making the rest of the day really fun. The good news is that E' Cubillos has his carnet de extranjero (visitor card), and I should recieve mine soon. Then I won't have to do immigrations again! At least for me.

Thursday we were still pretty tired, but we still had to go to the district meeting. Not entire sure if we were complete awake the entire time. The rest if the day wasn't so bad since walking helps alot with sleepiness. We got invited to several of the large Chirstmas Eve feasts, but since we had to be home by 8 we only had 1, and only just barely we made it home on time.
 son de la cena con nuestra pension (dinner with our pension)
Then, since we live with members of the Church, we ate another one.
es la cena en la casa (dinner at home)
And cake, since it was the birthday of the mother of the family.

So much food.

Christmas day was fairly calm. Since it was Friday, our time of weekly planning, and the house were we live has wi-fi, we didn't actually leave the house until after dinner. I feel kind of lazy saying that, but we did work hard until we had to return home an hour earlier than normal. Saturday was the baptism of one of our investigators, Blanca Carrillo.
There was also a BBQ in the Church, so Saturday was also very easy-going for us. Then, for Sunday, I never actually told anyone that it was my birthday. My companion E' Cubillos, on the other hand, went out of his way to tell everyone we saw that it was my birthday. Oh well. At least people couldn't go too crazy since there was no warning beforehand, and couldn't go shopping on Sunday. Not sure what'll happen this next week though...
es el panetón de mi cumpleaños (que no comimos)
(An Italian dessert for my birthday (we didn't eat it))
With love,
Elder Yates

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