Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, May 9, 2016


Well, as I start off yet another letter, I have to try wringing something else out of my mind to share after the Skype call I had last night with my family. I'll probably repeat some stuff, but that's alright. My study of the scriptures tells me that repetition means that something is really important. Not sure if the same principle applies in letter writing, but whatever; close enough.

So, unlike last week, this past week we managed to escape from all the cold and rain. There were some days that started out a little chilly, but then the sun came out. There were also some days that started off rainy, but then the clouds went away (hopefully they won't come back another day). But, all in all, it was a bright and sunny week. I've been told that the cold is supposed to arrive today, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I don't remember is it was last week of the week before, but I wrote about how the first part of the week was a lot more interesting than the second part of the week. Well, this time it's the opposite; all the exciting stuff happened in the last part of the week. For example: Monday zone activity was watch the movie 17 Miracles. While it was good, we didn't de any running. I think that's the reason why I'm getting fat. Tuesday was also a pretty normal day, where we walked and visited a bunch. Something kind of interesting, we accidently found the extended family of an active member. E' Quiroga told me that he had received the reference to visit them a long while ago, but could never find the house. Well, problem solved.

We were going to have our weekly service project Wednesday morning in the house of a guy that got parcially paralyzed after brain surgery by fixing up his fence. However, because of the morning rain, the earth was all mud, thus making any effort we would of done in vain. So, instead, we went over to the house of some members so we could clean up their yard a bit in preparation for the activity Saturday night (more on that later). We cleaned up a bit and ate some grapefruit, then continued on working.

Our schedule to have our missionary meetings and do our weekly planning got a little screwed up when the ZL where still in Santa Cruz Thursday morning, thus making it impossible to have the Zone meeting. So, instead, we did weekly planning a day earlier and had the meeting a day late. It didn't really change much, but it was something different. Also, as we were ending a visit with a family, the family brought out one of the biggest bowls I've seen filled with a dish called majadito con charque. So, we had a little more work to do before leaving. This might be another reason why I'm getting fat. At least it's super delicious.

After our dinner Friday night, we realized we still needed one more thing before we were set for the Saturday night activity: firewood. Luckily the house where we eat dinner is the house of brickmakers, so they have a whole bunch of wood. We asked if we could have some to make a fire, so they gave us 2 giant logs and told us we could have them if we could split them.

I don't think I've ever seen a wood so hard; it was extremely hard to split. Eventually we chopped the logs down a bit, and we transported the wood over to the member's house before continuing our normal work.

And so, Saturdayb night we had a bonfire. But before that, in the wee hours of the morning we woke up to go play a little more futbol before the cambio ends. The rest of the day was pretty normal, and passed pretty quickly so we could arrive at the activity. While it wasn't exactly a bonfire (E' Quiroga wouldn't let me do it), we did have a little fireside with marshmellows (marvaviscos in Spanish, if anyone is wondering). It was pretty funny to see people try to roast marshmellows for the first time, as there where many shouts of surprise when their little treats caught on fire.

It made me a little trunky, because I wanted to go camping, but whatever. And then Sunday I skyped home in the stake center with a borrowed taptop, because it was free and a whole lot easier to do than try to find a place to do. 

And so that's my super exciting week. I'm making sure right now that the pictures are gettin transfered up there, and I'll make sure to tell ya'll who my new companion is next week.

Con bastante amor,
Elder Yates

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