Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, July 11, 2016


Yet another week gone by, and the end getting ever closer. Got to enjoy it while it lasts, and this past week definitaly was an exciting one. Not in the sense that something went horrible wrong, but in a good way, and we wern't bored this week.

In celebration of the great American Independence Day, we really didn't do too much as the zone is mainly Latinos. But we did enjoy some tacos for lunch (same continent; close enough). The house I'm living in is currently composed of me and 3 Latinos, who do not share the same patriotism for the US, but at least they all agreed to join me in eating hamburgers. Will try to send photo of the closest thing I could find to a good ol' Murican burger.

We were going to visit normally Tuesday morning, but the ZLs called us to inform about a little zone leadership meeting were were going to have. So we headed down to see what happened. We talked a bit and then returned to work. One of the families we visit sells relleno during the day and, whenever we go to visit them, always shares with us. Pretty darned tastey, cow intestine filled with meat and rice. Would recomend. So we passed by to visit said family Tuesday night and enjoyed.

Wednesday was a very normal day, spent walking and talking. And then, in the evening, it was the birthday of one of the ward members, so we got invited to a dinner. We are not the type of people to turn down invitations, so we headed on down and shared some food, physical and spiritual. Thursday we decided to do an intercambio with the other Elders in the ward. Since E' Abrego is still trying to get comfortable in the area, we sent him off and E' Flores came to work with me. We had a pretty good day, and I got a good reminder of why the stereotype in South America is that Peruanos talk alot. 

For the first time in a while, we got up early to play futbol over in Paititi Friday morning, before we returned home to study and the like. We also wanted to change things up a bit and get the ward more excited, so we tried hosting a little movie night. We watched the movie 'The Testaments' since we couldn't get ahold of a copy of Finding Dory just yet, maybe next time. (heh not really; we just wanted to show something a little more spiritual.) Unfortunately, not as many people as we hoped for showed up. Maybe if we keep on trying with different activities...

After our usual Saturday morning futbol game, we were informed that we were going to have a zone service activity for the first time in who knows how long. The service wound up being in our area, even though the family lives in another ward. Anyway, we went out to help transport construction materials (chuchillo if anyone was wondering) and build a little house, as well as help clear out some tall grass with the Bolivian lawnmower. It felt so good to use after such a long time. The rest of the day was not as exciting, as we wound up walking a good bit of the day. Some good exercise done at least.

With this Sunday being the second week attending in the afternoon, it looks like people are getting a little bit acostumbed. At least more people arrived. However, there was some important transmission from the Area Presidency, so we had to cut the regular meeting short and send the people down to the stake center. And, unfortunately, we were not invited. So we had to find something to do until the day ended.

In a little recap, the weather this week was nice, as the temperature only dropped once. Wednesday morning we woke up cold, and it stayed the same all day, until Thursday afternoon. I've been told that another cold front was going to arrive yesterday or today, but thankfully nothing just yet. Hope it stays like this.

With love,
Elder Yates

ps. Happy Birthday Mom!
You've had a birthday shout hurray!
We want to sing to you today!
One year younger and wiser too!
Happy birthday, to you!
¡Que las cumplas feliz!

ps My companion didn't show up in the foto, woops. The other 2 are the other Elders in the house

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