Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mail Time (Monday, November 17, 2014)

Yay for more time to write home! This week, ending miércoles, was supposed to mark the end of this transfer, after which I would most likely get a new companion. And it still does, but as of sábado I got a new companion, Elder Guzman, because of an emergancy transfer. Without getting into much details, the leadership was changed around just a little and a few missionaries get a little sick. Don't worry, I'm fine and elder Guzman is pretty awesome.
Anyway, this past weekend Bolivia got the pleasure of receiving the 50th aniversary of the Church in Bolivia broadcast. Unfortunately, missionaries wern't invited and we kept on working. The official aniversary is 20/11, and the Church is going to have a little party that day, also which missionaries arn't invited to. Oh well, no big deal.
Uhm, I may have forgotten what happened this past week, which probably means it wasn't very important (I think). I did a lot of walking, as usual, and taught a few lessons here and there. Unfortunately, we don't really have many progressing investigators since the people either don't like our message, are firm in their errorous ways, or 'don't have time' for us. On the plus side, the members here are super amazing and helpful. Give and take a little I guess.
I actually brought my camera this time, so I'll take a little time to write about the pictures since this letter is so short.
With love,
Elder Yates
**Pictures from a separate email**
The average cat here, more or less. Pretty sure none of them can purr. So sad
Behold the most powerful missionary in the world. I "borrowed" everyone's name tag in the casa.
He he he

Had some excitement this week as the police landed a helicopter behind our casa.
No idea what they were doing, but whatever. Shot from our second floor.

I got a little prize in my cereal box! Pretty sure its supposed to be a dragon glider from
"How To Train Your Dragon 2." Shot from the front part of our casa. 
Thought I took more of our casa, but I guess not. I'll get them eventually.

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