Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More Mail (Monday, November 10)

This week was a bit more exciting than last week I think, as I was lucky enough to have two intercambios (not sure of the English word here)(exchanges, or splits) and learn from other missionaries this week. So, let's get started.
First off, the investigator that wanted to be baptized wasn't because her husband wants to get baptized with the whole family, but he isn't ready (the baptism requirements here are a bit lofty: all five lessons, 3 Sunday attendences of all 3 hours, and an experience with both fasting and tithing). They will be baptized eventually though, as they are great people.
During the intercambios (splits) I went around my area with an Elder Hernandez, one of my Zone Leaders. Practicly everything went decently well, up to the point where I forgot where one of the investigators lived (in my defence, the organization of houses here sucks). Good learning experience though.
After the intercambios, Elder Rios y I decided to search for an old investigator that was abandoned without reason 3 years ago. All we had to work with, however, was a barrio (neighborhood) and a house number. So, as we wandered the streets (all of which have their own numbers, by the way) looking for casa 52, we learned something very important: numbers mean nothing - in three houses the numbers went 28-137-6. Then, to make things even better, we realized we where in the wrong barrio. Heh heh. Eventually we made it to the correct barrio and found the lot 52 that we could, but the building that was there was a nice appartment building, that could not have existed 3 years ago. Oh well.
I would like to take this time to tell ya'll that here, the Earth is, without a doubt, NOT clean right after rain; mud is everywhere and everywhere stinks. It's keeps the day interesting though as we walk all day, so it isn't too bad. My poor shoes though... =(
Not sure what else to write, the food is good, the Spanish is Spanish, the culture is different, and the conditions are pretty poor. Despite that, it is pretty sweet here. I'll send pictures someday, if I can ever get it into my head to remember to bring them.
Elder Yates

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