Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, June 15, 2015


We did it! We finally got to meet in the new chapel! In celebration, the ward had their week of activities, with something exciting happening everyday. We did get invited to some activities, which I will discuss later, so we did get to see the chapel before Sunday. It's a really nice chapel, but it's kind of out of our way. The price of having such a great blessing.
The ward's activity week started Monday with the Noche de Hagar (Family Home Evening) in every household. This was the only day when people were told not to go to the chapel. We spent the night in the cold walking and talking.
Tuesday was the Sport's night where the members were invited to enjoy the fútbol and vollyball courts. We wern't invited, probably to help the members feel good and not ashamed for losing to the missionaries. I'm told there was a good turnout. We spent the night talking ad visiting with others that didn't go. It was also a very warm day.
Wednesday was the Missionary Night where the ward would come together with investigadors and learn about the Work. We were invited to this one; unfortunately no one else decided to join us. Instead, we were asked to practice a song for the special number Sunday, as it was also Ward Conference. This was another very warm day.
Thursday was the Movie night. During a lesson we were having, President Zambrano called us; luckily it was only to ask us to pass by the Office and pick up the movie that the bishop wanted to watch for the activity. So, after the lesson, we ran to the center of the city and back to the edge with the movie, Meet the Mormons (en español, no se preocupen (in Spanish, don't worry)). We were also invited this night (probably because we had the movie) so we went to watch a little and talk with any new investigator. There was a good number of people, but we had to leave early because it was late. I'm told that the disc was a little scratched, so they started to watch Malificient instead. (As a side note, all the movies here are only 5 pesos or less - everything is pirated) It was another warm day.
Friday was the gran fiesta with lots of music, dancing, and food. We were not invited... But we also had immigrations in the morning for E' Flores again, were he received his carnet de extranjero (traveler's card - essentially the foreigner ID card issued by Bolivia) after only 4 months. And here am I, practically illegal by now I think. We also had an intercambio (exchange), so I went to see a different area. It was pretty nice, especially as it was a cold day with a lot of rain in the morning that really flooded our area. What good planning.
Saturday we had the open house, with a great attendence of no one. It was also a very hot day. How strange the weather here. In the night the other Elders baptized the children of a family that was inactive, which was beautiful.
Sunday was the first day of Church in the new building, and many people showed up. It was also the day of a whole bunch more rain, which made the attendence of 321 people even more outstanding, as it is not the best conditions forpeople to attend church in the rain. We visited an investigating family who want to and set a date get married, so in just over a month photos of that should be coming.
It is currently very cold, but I'm told that, por lo menos, (at least) it's not going to rain. Never thought I'd be so happy to hear that...
With love,
Elder Yates
A few pictures sent without explanation...


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