Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, June 22, 2015

new cambios (transfers)

Well, this week starts the new transfers. Plus this week was pretty
unique. First off, I'm still in El Dorado. My assigned companion is
still Elder Flores. However, things were pretty interesting this week
and, to briefly explain my situation, i'm currently without a
companion in the area El Dorado 2. Instead, I'm in a trio with El
Dorado 3.

Now then, to start. Monday, as we were playing fútbol, another Elder
and I played a little to hard, so we went to make sure things are
still fine. The ankle of the Elder (E' Padilla) was hit a little hard,
but we went to work normally.
Tuesday E' Flores had an interview with Pdte Zambrano. After the
enterview, he told me he probably would have to return home. However,
we went about working normally. It was also the last day in the field
for E' Espinoza, a missionary from Santa Cruz (yes, he served in his
own city) so we enjoyed the time.
Unfortunately, Wednesday the ankle of E' Padilla wasn't as well as we
thought it was, so he had to rest the day because he wasn't able to
walk. Plus, his companion had already left to go home, so we were
stuck with him in the house all day.
Thursday morning we had to go to the other side of town to pick up E'
Camargo, the new companion of E' Padilla. Since he then had his
companion, E' Flores and I were able to leave and work, teaching a
bit. However, as I would later learn, the other Elders didn't fare so
well as E' Padilla got even more sick, and E' Camargo also started to
feel a little under the weather.
Friday morning E' Flores had another enterview with Pdte Zambrano, and
confirmed that he would need to go home. As such, w planned to spend
his last day visiting some people. Then, as we went about visiting, we
got a call informing us that he needed to be ready to leave at 7,
instead of the next morning. We rushed home and packed up so he could
leave, leaving me alone with two men down.
Saturday we didn't do anything as the other Elders had to rest. Sunday
we were able to go to church, and also the dedication service for the
new chapel. Since the chapel is technically in the other mission, the
other Pdte came to the service, and I got to meet him a little.

As you can see, this week was a little interesting, and we still don't
know when or even if I will receive a new companion. Lots of fun.

Lots of love,
Elder Yates

***I sent an email this morning to Elder Yates asking about their new chapel being in a different mission and teasing him about kicking Elder Padilla in the ankle and crippling him. I got this response...

"Yes, the new chapel is technically in the mission Bolivia Santa Cruz.
This next week a ward from another stake will be also be attending the
same chapel, but in the afternoon. Not sure how things will work out
yet, but it'll be interesting.

As for his ankle, it wasn't me; it was another Elder. Also, fracturé
mi codo y ahora todo mi brazo derecho está con yeso. Pero está bien,
todavía puedo trabajar, y estoy aprendiendo como utilizar mejor mi
mano izquierda. Ambedexietry! (I fractured
my elbow and now my right arm is in plaster. But it's okay,
I can still work, and I'm learning how to best utilize my
left hand. Ambedexietry

Talk about making my heart miss a beat! I was very calm in my response and after ribbing him for failing to mention this vital information teased him about being just like his sister who fractured her elbow a few years ago. I also was reassured as to why his letter was late this morning and why the formatting is so different from previous letters. I'm sure he is fine because I didn't hear from the mission President or his wife and I'm glad he is adjusting well.***

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