Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, October 19, 2015


It is currently very cold here, and I'm all wrapped up with a sweater, beenie, scarf and gloves. The weather here apperently depends less on the time of year, and more on the wind patterns because it certainly was not this cold at this time last year (how strange it feels to say that). When the wind comes from the south, we know that the cold and rain comes, Making the next few days sad and gloomy. This started Saturday, but tomorrow should be nice and sunny once again. Even E' Quispe has started to dislike this cold, because o the humidity and wind. It's actually pretty interesting.
This week went well for us this week, with daily and constant visits leaving us little time to walk around and get ourselves into trouble or have adventures. We also had a little surprise when the grandchild of an older Hno (Brother) that we receintly helped return to activity came and told us of his desire to be baptized. His grandfather is the only Church member of his family currently, and told us that the desires came after watching the General Conference sessons. Who would have guessed that listening to living apostles and profets would do such a thing?
After a long while, we once again returned to doing intercambios (exchanges) with the other Elders this past Friday. This time I went to an area in the ward Los Chacos. There we had plenty of time to talk. And, interesting enough, there I ran into the Flia Linares, one of my first pensionistas. Once again they are giving pension to the Elders. Since a little time had passed since the last time we saw each other, we talked awhile and took some pictures, that should've been seen by now.
In our travels we find many people with many questions about many different topics, from Church history to doctrine of other churches. However, especially this week, we met up with a man with many strange and interesting questions and doubts. Luckily the scriptures have many answers of peace, confort, and truth. It makes me a little sad that I didn't study the scriptures as much as I could have before the mission, but it's never to late to start.
Thursday we changed up the daily rut and went to the Cumavi to see what we could find. For those who don't remember (or if I never said) what the Cumavi is, it's the giant open-air market. It seems that, in our travels, my face got a little sunburned, making the rest of the day and Friday pretty fun. Saturday we got a little surprise when the Zone Leaders showed up for inspections, especially because I was still in the house in Los Chacos. It was a little interesting as the house in Los Chacos was inspected first, then we went together with the ZL to our house and passed the inspection again.
Something that I learned this week is that October 11 is the national women's day in Bolivia, so I'd like to take this opportunity to give a (late) shout-out to all the women.
With love,
Elder Yates

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