Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, October 19, 2015


This week certainly flew by quickly, which is a good thing because it must mean we're working hard. However, unlike the other weeks, we even had some fun adventures as well. It certainly was a good last full week of this cambio. (transfer)
Startng on Monday, after writing to all my adoring fans, we went to walk around in the plaza 24 de septiembre, the main plaza of the city.
There we found a giant Catholic Cathedral that was built in 1605 (or somewhere around there) as well as artists from around the world working on wooden sculptures. Unfortunately we didn't learn much about them, as it seemed like they had just receintly started, but it was pretty cool. What I did find out is the artists are given an old tree trunk that the city cleaned out and have the opportunity to make something cultural from their nation. After we had some ice cream (even though it was already cold out) before returning home to clean and wash clothes.
Tuesday was almost normal, the only super exciting thing being visiting and talking with the Bishop. As a side note (almost completely unrelated to the current topic), the PS3 is king over all other consoles here, the xbox being basically nonexistant. However, the Bishop has one, that he says his brother sent him. While we didn't play anything (lo prometo) (I promise) it was pretty interesting to se an xbox again.
Wednesday we first went to do some service - what we were going to do the other week, but got cancelled because of the rain. We were asked to fall a tree, so that's what we did. We also almost knocked out their power, since a stray branch caught on their little antena thing as the tree well. Luckily we were smart enough to turn off the current beforehand, and the tree also got caught on part of their fence, thus preventing the tree from falling completely. After the experience, we had an intercambio. (exchange) However, unlike the others, this time E' Quispe went to the other area. I was joined by an American Elder (Elder Sorenson from Utah) who just recently got here. It was an interesting day, but very fun.
Ending one intercambio Thursday morning in our Zone meeting, we started another one. For this one I did go to the other area, which was actually another area in El Dorado. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to work, since we had ward meetings in the evening, but what we did do went well. We also talked alot, where we learned that we both played way too much video games before the mission, and how we're going to improve after. At night we tried ordering a pizza, but it appears that their house is too far out in the sticks to deliver. Not that I blame them, but I was pretty hopeful for a pizza...
Friday nothing special happened, but Saturday and Sunday was the Stake Conference of the stake ParaĆ­so. However, we were unable to go to the sessons Saturday, which wouldn't be so bad if all the members hadn't had gone as well, leaving us no one to help us visit. We still had a pretty good day. The sesson Sunday that we did go to was buenango, (Bolivian slang for good?) and the best part is that several investigators came with us.
<3 con amor,
Elder Yates

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