Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, April 11, 2016


Another week gone, and another letter being written. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I didn't write home, and I'm tempted to find out. But then I remember that it's a mission rule to write home every week. So, it looks like I might not find out any time soon. But there's always hope...

And so, for now, I'll keep being obedient and writing these long-awaited letters. Not sure why, since it seems like we don't do too much out of the ordinary. For example, last Monday we went and played handball as a zone before going home to wash clothes. Not exactly super exciting. What was a little exciting was our visit with the Flia Gaston (Gaston family) in the evening. Not that Tuesday was much better. All we did the entire day was visit people and share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We did do a small intercambio in the morning to be able to attend 2 meetings simultaniously, but even the weather was pretty normal.

We did mix things up a little but Wednesday morning when we went to play futbol in the morning. Since the costume was to play in a little court in Paititi, we returned to my old area. Made me feel a little weird, but oh well, that time has already passed. We played a little then went back home to study. Also, for the first time in a long while, we were able to do some service. For our little project, we went to trim a tree, since the family was complaining that monkeys were crossing through the branches to play on top of their house. Unfortunately we didn't see any monkeys, but now their tree has been left without branches.

After getting all cleaned up from the service, we left to visit normally and had one visit where the wife told us that their neighbors wanted us to pass by, so we went to see. We found a little old man huddled up on his bad, obviously very sick. We shared a small message, and we were asked to offer a prayer for him. The strange thing was that he wanted us to touch his leg while we prayed. And so we did. Not sure what happened since then, as we havn't had the time to pass by the house again, but maybe one day we will. The rest of Wednesday passed along without incident.

Thursday we did have some difficulties, as all our appointments in the afternoon were leaving when we passed by their houses. Plus, since we had decided to go to an area far away, we didn't really have very many plans to fall back on. Another afternoon working on the tan; it seems like I won't be as pale when I get home. Luckily in the evening we were able to do some visits. Friday afternoon we had a small misunderstanding with a member, so once again we were left without plans. Unlike the day before, however, we didn't have as much time to tan since we found some very good people to visit. One of the families was an avid fisher, so we learned about the many fishes and fishing places in Beni. It seems like one of the more popular places to fish, as we're told that people take vacations just to do some fishing here.

Saturday was a very special day as we had a baptism in the evening. What made it even better was that her older brother did the ordenance. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera with me right now, so I can't send pictures today. Also, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was super humid. Like very humid. All the mugginess and sun made a very uncomfortable fast. Somehow we survived, but it was very difficult to sleep Saturday night. Makes me miss the dry heat of Arizona.

Luckily it isn't very muggy right now, since the rain came this morning to cool things down. You could say that some of the south winds passed through, and would be very correct that it passed through, probably in about 4 hours. Still super happy to be serving as a missionary in Trinidad, and will have to send pictures next week. Sorry :/

Mucho Amor,
Elder Yates

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