Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, April 18, 2016


Well, in my last letter I commented about what would happen if I didn't write something home. Now I know, and am not so anxious to try it out now. However, that still hasn't made it any easier to figure out how to start writing. It seems like once I start, everything flows, but ¡cuan dificil es empezar (How difficult it is to begin!)! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to struggle on through. Maybe if I just write less...

As I have said lots of time before (and will probable keep on saying) the weather here is a little crazy. Luckily the weather in Trinidad is a little more predictable (hot and humid) than Santa Cruz, but still. That said, Monday looked like it would be a normal day until it started to pour down on us. Since it was our preparation day, it was a very unfortunate situation as clothing does not dry well in the rain. Believe me, I've tried. Luckily the rain stopped in time for us to leave to visit in the evening without ponchos. The rainboots were needed, but that's fine; don't have to shine those afterwards.

All the rain from Monday made a super fun Tuesday, especially since the sun was nice enough to come and dry up all the rain (and most of the mud). We were visiting normally until we realized that we didn't turn the baptismal record from last Saturday in to the ZL, so we had to run and do that. Reminds me a little of my time in Montero. Good times. Nothing else was so exciting Tuesday. Wednesday we did have another intercambio, so I got to work with another gringo for a day. We sure did have a riot (a good one) together. As we were visiting, we did have to move around some of our schedule as we passed by empty houses, but we still spent more time visiting than walking, which is always to goal.

As we were in the intercambio, we passed by to visit the house that had the pet gator that bit me some 4ish weeks ago. It's a little bigger now, and while the bites don't do any physical damage yet, they are starting to pinch. So, we let the little gator bite my tempory companion so he could write home the big news. Hope it goes well for them. Thursday passed by without any problems, only visits.

Since we were reminded of the rules about planned service activities, we havn't been able to do as much service as we would like. However, there isn't any rule about unplanned service, so we're always watching to those. Friday we finally got the chance, as the family we were going to visit told us they would have to cancel because it looked like it was going to rain (which didn't happen, by the way) and they had to store away all their bricks. If that sounds weird, remember that bricks are made of mud and then cooked, meaning that rain ruins uncooked bricks. Instead of agreeing and leaving, we jumped in and started storing bricks as well. It seems like I can never escapre from moving bricks. After all the bricks were safely stored away from the (nonexistent) rain, we were able to share a little message. Hurray for service.

The process of making bricks; taking them out of the oven

Also Friday night, we had a small fireside. Since we don't have time to go camping as missionaries, it was the best excuse we could find to build a fire. We were planning on roasting marshmellows as well, but we couldn't find any. What a shame. The fireside did go well, so that's a plus.

Our little fireside

This weekend past was the stake conference of Trinidad, and we had planned to invite an investigator to join us to the Priesthood session Saturday. Unfortunately he went fishing, so we went with a different investigator. We had the pleasure to listen to Elder Balderama (area 70) talk about the Priesthood and was super bueno. Sunday morning we also had the chance to listen to the first councelor of the mission Santa Cruz North (which was also the first time I ever saw him) as well as Elder Balderama. Absolutely wonderful the conference, hope the conferences up north were just as good.

Elder Yates

ps I remembered my camera today, so fotos are coming (with captions from Elder Yates)

Not sure if I have ever sent a picture of how people mow their grass here, so here's an example


A little bat that decided to join us in our house one day.

A sloth we found.

A family of capiwatas (don't know what they are)
(I explained they were capybaras. When he said he still didn't know what they are,
I told him they are these little animals :) )

A surprise treat we were given; coke cake (pretty tasty, but not too sure if we should've eaten it...)

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