Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, June 13, 2016


Remember a few weeks ago when I said that a difficult week to write about was going to come? Well, it looks like this week is that week. Not sure how much will come out in this letter, but we'll see. One thing that I can write about is the weather, which has been really cold basically all week, especially in the morning. Sometimes it warmed up enough that by the time we were outside it wasn't too bad, but then the cold night returned. And we're told that it's still only autumn time; winter officially starts the 21 of June. Oh what joy.

Well, to be more accurate, the cold didn't start Monday. Monday it was still normal, and we had our visits without a problem. Tuesday morning the cold did hit. Oh well,  just something I'll have to get used to. When we invited a member to join us to visit a family, we unexpectedly reunited 2 friends from another city that had lost contact with each other several years back. Odd how that worked out, ¿no? Now I hope they don't lose contact again...

Even though Wednesday morning was even colder (or at leat it seemed) than Tuesday, the other Elders in the house were set on going to play futbol in Paititi. Since I can't stay home alone, I went to go run around a bit. Even running around we felt the cold. And then the trip home in motorcycle was even more fun. One way or another I'll get used to the cold it seems. The rest of the day was average, just dealing with the weather.

Yet again Thursday morning was cold. And then we had our missionary Zone Meeting, the last one that  we will have under the dirrection of Pdte Zambrano. How strange to think about for me. But the mission keeps on going. At least I still have plenty of time left to go, right? We visited some people in the afternoon and had some good success. I think that Friday morning was actually the warmest morning of the week, so it wasn't as hard to roll out of bed as it was the other days. But our study time was still chilly, and the doing nothing but read doesn't help keep one warm. We powered through and then went to do some proselyting.

In light of the little written about until this point, I'll try to make things a little more interesting. Saturday morning we went to play more futbol. Latinos and their sport, ¿no? (In other news, I've heard  that the US is doing pretty well  in the Copa America right now...) As we were walking along Saturday, we found a family working on building a little storehouse out of something called chuchillo. From what I understand, it's a type of reed that grows by the rivers that, once dry, become hard enough to build with. Yep, a house made of sticks; seems like that little piggy wasn't as crazy as we thought. Anyway, we stopped and helped cut the chuchillo and build a wall  until we had to move on. In the night we visited a family again that was living together without being married and we had been trying to help be more obediente, either through marriage or seperating. Saturday night they told us that, to be obediente, they are going to seperate. Not what we had hoped for, but at least it is a part of the repentance process.

Sunday morning, which might have been the coldest morning of the week, we got up early to go wake up other people  with the hopes that they would make it to church. We passed by several houses, and some of them made it to church. However, for the cold many people didn't make it to church this week. So it looks like I'm not the only one that doesn't like the cold. Luckily that by noon the sun came out and everything warmed up nicely. As we were walking along, some one called us and started asking about the Church. A nice reversal of what normally happens. We stopped to talk a while, and he seems like someone that wants the restored gospel.

Sorry if this  letter isn't what ya'll hoped for, but at least I can send the fotos from that week that I didn't send. 

With love,
Elder Yates

Mostly fotos of the Flia Gaston, reciently married and baptized. The last one is a view of my bedroom window of the mango flowers. Unfortunately the cold killed most of them.

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