Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, June 20, 2016


And here we go with yet another letter home. I think this letter will be a little better than last week, but I'm not entirely sure by how much. Something of note, it hasn't been too cold this week. A few days it was actually almost normal. Unfortunately, I've been told that it will soon get very cold. Oh well, living the hard mission life...

Our last P-day was pretty calm for us, as we played a few 'FHE' games to kill some time. And, when we visited a family in the evening, we ate some relleno beniano (the sausage cooked in a cow intestine; very tastey). I also had an interesting ride back home in the night, as the father of the family we visited offered to give me a lift in his motorcycle. He is a nice guy, and has Parkingsons. Luckily it doesn't show too much when he drives motorcycles.

After a normal day of proselyting Tuesday, we wanted to have a FHE with a family that we're visiting. But, instead of doing it in their own house, we brought them to the house of a member of the ward, who also just happens to be their uncle. After the small lesson and some hymns, the members busted out giant plates of a traditional dish called majadito. We returned home very full and content.

For a little bit of fun excersizes, we woke up early Wednesday morning to play futbol. When we got back home, we started an intercambio. I left the area again to go work with the DL E' Olson. Poor E' Olson is returning home this week, as his time has come to an end, and it's starting to show a little. We explored a little when we had some extra time between visits and got invited to eat several times. In one house, we got invited to some very unique lemonade made with salt instead of sugar. Not the best invention, and the family spent a lot of time apologizing. Would recomend.

Thursday we had the last District Meeting of this cambio; crazy to think how fast the time has flown. As we were visiting, we found 2 young men that have a lot of potential to progress in the gospel, and have a lot hope for them. Even though they are in situations very different, it's amazing to see how the same gospel of joy brings so much hope to us. Also, a package arrived from the States, and we enjoyed some good ol' American candy.
We had our last weekly planning Friday as well for this cambio. Not entirey sure what'll happen with the new mission president, but it seems like I grew roots here in Mangalitos. Maybe I'll just finish here and not have to pack my bags again. The proselyting day was interesting as we ran into a less active member who was very unhappy with the people in the church. We tried to help him shape up a little, but I'm not sure how well it worked as he didn't show up Sunday...
As is the tradition, Saturday morning we got up to play more futbol as a zone. After the game, we got invited by a family to eat some breakfast. We headed over and enjoyed some patasca. It's a soup commonly eaten on the weekends here that is normally cooked with the head of a pig. But we can't eat pig, so the family used something else for the meat: cow head. If you don't really think about where the meat that you eat came from, it's really tastey.
The patasca soup. All that meat is from the cow head. Yum.
Us eating the patasca.
The rest of the day passed without any major incident, just another visit with one of the young men that we found the other day that is doing very well. We visit the other young man Sunday, and he also improved bastante.

Will send pictures to complement letter.

With love,
Elder Yates
Out exploring a little

Russian boat, American conquest.

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