Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sopresa (Surprise - Saturday, February 14)

Not sure if this is a surprise for ya'll, but we got a little time today to write home before getting locked up for a while. It's probably because of the nuevos (new ones) that arrived this week, and the Presidente wants to make sure that their families don't get overly worried. Speaking of which, I got the oportunity to work with a nuevo, Elder Moreno. Elder Fleming ya se fue (is gone), leaving me here to continue. Elder Moreno is a Texan by birth, but all the rest of his family was born in Mexico. As such, he already speaks English and Spanish, the best of both worlds.
This week was a bit hectic as we had a few things to do in a short amount of time. Por ejemplo (for example), I had a few things to do for immigrations I was told of the day of, as well as immigrations for Elder Moreno that were to start an hour after we were informed. As such, we had a bunch of running around really quickly a couple of times.
Other than that it things have gone pretty well. After a little time to write, we're going to do a little shopping before getting locked up in our house for a while. Not entirely sure what more to write before starting the super-reading-session of the Libro de Mormón (Book of Mormon).
Lots of Love,
Elder Yates

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