Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, February 2, 2015

Una carta mas (One more letter...Monday, February 2)

Well, it's once again time to write and enjoy the little time I get to 'speak' with my family. Today I write a little earlier than normal because we, as all the missionaries in Santa Cruz, get the priviledge to go and watch the movie, Conocer los Mormones (Meet the Mormons). Not entirely sure if we´re going to watch it in Spanish or English, but I think it's going to be in Spanish. Good ol' Spanish.
This past week was nothing special really for us. Mostly it's been a little sad because most of the people we visited wouldn't accept our message, rejecting the glad tidings of great joy for little things here and there. It's amazing how the people are so quick to turn away because of something small that challenged their beliefs.
Our ward had another baptism this week, so that was pretty exciting. However, we had a little bit of difficulties before the service. For one thing, it was still filled with the old water from our previous baptism, so we had to empty it out and clean it. Then we had to fill it, once again filling and carrying buckets of water, from probably about 3 until 5. The funniest thing, however, was the attendance and start time. It was originally said that it would start at 4:30, so that people would arrive by 5 and we could start. The bishop showed up at almost 5:30. The person getting baptized and her family showed up around 6:10, and the baptism started at about 6:20. The Bolivians here arn't exactly very punctual...
Speaking of punctuality, we had a very interesting experience. A member of our ward was kicked out of her house this week, and needed a little help moving her stuff to a new house. As luck would have it, the only two people in our ward that have trucks are both Sumo Sacerdotes (high priests), and had a meeting the same night. So, when we called, they told us they would be unavailable until 9, after which they would go and help. At 9, we called and confirmed that they were in transit to help. At 10 we got a call from the moving member that no one showed up. We tried calling around to find someone to help, but everyone had their phones turned off, including the Bishop. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but eventually the Bishop showed up to help them, and the next day everything was ok in the new house. Very interesting the people here.
This week I finished reading Jesus the Christ, a good-length book about the life and ministry of Christ. It was especially interesting to read about the final 'trials' by the Jews and Romans. I really enjoyed it.
Elder Yates

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