Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Después la Carnaval (After Carnaval, Monday, February 23)

Well, we all survived Carnaval this year. It was a super fun 4 days of being in the house. I managed to finish reading el Libro de Mormón in 2 days, leaving plenty of time to do other stuff. We were a little spoiled in our house as we managed to borrow a projector and a 'screen' with which to create our own little movie theatre. We made sure to take advantage of it and watched a whole of bunch of (Church) movies, including almost 3 hours of Bible videos in English followed by another hour and a half of Bible videos in Spanish. We also ate pretty well, BBQing a bit and eating the meat salad. It was a nice little break from walking and talking all day.
After Carnaval, I got to do even more immigration work this week, and boy is this a fun story. Another Elder in our house, E' Taylor, also had immigrations with me, so we got up and got ready to leave by 5:30. After a horrible taxi ride (the driver running lights smoking the entire time, until passing a Catholic Church and quickly discarding the cig to do the little cross thing) we arrived and began waiting. And boy did we wait - we finished and left at 1:30 to start the hour trip back home. We made a little lunch and then went out to do some super fun Zone Leader work, as E' Taylor is ZL and I was with him for the day. It was a pretty good day.
Unfortunately, my compañero E' Moreno got pretty hit pretty hard by the new food, as it happens with most North Americans, and we took a little resting day Saturday to make sure he feels completely better. I got to do a few things here and there to clean up and get ready as well, so it was good for both of us. He's fine now and is super excited and eager to work and preach, a true ejemplo para mí. (example for me)
As an attempted peace-offering for not writing too much this week on account of mucho tranquilidad, (much tranquility) I will including plenty of fotos of our time in Carnaval.
Elder Yates
p.s. A little time locked up in the house meant a little time to avoid the task of shaving... >=)

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