Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Marzo (March)

Hard to believe it's already the month of March, ¿no? Not entirely sure how your weather has been up there in the States, but down here it's still been hot. Seems like it'll always be hot, too. It wouldn't be too bad if it was also humid all the time. Plus, especially in my current area, good ol' AC is practically unheard of, so our only relief is found under trees. The good thing is that, unlike Arizona, there are actually trees down here, not just 'Green Sticks' (Palo Verde). So it goes without saying that it's pretty down here, as long as you ignore the trash in the streets...
Anyway, this week was pretty relaxed and easy-going. We had a grand breakthrough in the Work this week as we managed to have an investigator assist Church with us! Unfortunately, it was only him and his daughter, leaving behind his wife and 6 other children, but it's a little victory at least. Otherwise, it seems our biggest difficulty with people is Church because the chapel is a little far away; it's located in the tercer anillo (3rd ring) while we're stationed between anillos siete y noveno (7 and 9th ring). As such, its a good 15-30 minute Micro ride, depending on where you start, to Church. And, even though we start at 10, we get many excuses of people sleeping in until its too late to leave. It seems some things never change.
To start, we havn't been breaking into houses recently, and we didn't even have to do more immigrations this week! As such, we had a little more time to read some more scriptures. I celebrated by finishing reading the Doctrine and Convenents as well as the Pearl of Great Price. Really all I have left to read is the Old Testament, so if I start now I might finish it before finishing College. Woo!
When I was still in the US, I really didn't appreciate the grand sport of fútbol. Now, however, I've seen how this sport dominates the lives of some people down here, as well as the influence it has. Granted it might be because it's just about the only sport they play down here, so that might have a litte effect on me. Anyway, it's amazing how much I've learned about fútbol down here, especially about the equipos professionales (professional teams) (Go Bayern Munich!)
Hope everything is well way up north,
Elder Yates

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