Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, March 23, 2015

ççç (random letters from the Portuguese alphabet because I didn't know what to title my letter)

As the new week dawns, we look towards the next cambios (transfers) this jueves (Thursday) (we learn the changes miércoles (Wednesday) though) with suspense. In the cambio after this one, a Zone in our mission will be leaving Santa Cruz Norte to join a new mission, La Paz El Alto. Since this mission is the best, everyone is waiting anxiously to find out who will be in the area right before it gets taken away and become part of another, slightly inferior mission. Not that it'd be bad, but it' be different. As for me, I've already resigned to being here in Los Pinos for a while longer. The good news is that we have a new house to move into when the new missionaries arrive.
Anyway, this last lunes (Monday) we went and played some indoor fútbol as a zone which wasn't too bad. Didn't really do much else that day because we were tired, and slept until leaving to visit some people. We had a little difficulty getting home on time a couple times this week because our area is a little far and we had such good visits at the end of the day. I've probably said this before, but it's a little difficult to find people in the afternoon around here.
On Tuesday Elder Moreno had some more immigrations to do, so we met up with all the other nuevos (greenies) so they could sit, wait, and sign some papers. I went with some of the others that had companions doing migraciones to wait and eat a little. We were waiting for a while, until we got a call informing us that all the others had already returned to the mission office and we wondering where we were. Woops. We ran back, met up with our companions, and left pretty quickly.
Wednesday we went and helped out a family in the ward with their garden, which actually didn't include machetes. A little disapointing, but oh well. We also had the oportunity to talk with them a while, and the husband is especially strong in the Gospel. They just recently got sealed in the temple, and were sharing some experiences. Later we were visiting with an investigador who agreed to be baptized! So, we just have to wait a little while to help him get ready.
As a little side note, this Sunday is election day in Bolivia. As a little treat for us, we get to be locked up in the house all day as the only thing that should be done here on election days is voting. Apparently EVERYTHING is forced to close down except the voting booths here. Maybe the US can learn a little...
Thursday we had a little intercambio (splits),
so I was joined by an Elder who was in my area a year ago, so he was pretty excited to see the changes that had happened, and some members were happy to see him again. As such, most of this day was spent looking for people he knew (especially old investigators). In the night, however, was the baptism of the little Linares child, 'Nachito,' so we went to support that.
Friday kind of passed without any real stories to share, mostly because we were actually in lessons almost the entire day so we didn't have much time to 'goof off' and have a little fun. Saturday we went and did some more service, which did include the Bolivian Lawnmower this time. As a little treat, we got feed a whole bunch. Like a whole bunch. At least it was the fast week for us. As we waddled around the rest of the day we had a great spiritual lesson with a menos activo (less active) about how we're never forgotten by Jesus, who is always looking for the Lost Sheep. We enjoyed a little time in the Ward Council as well.
Sunday was a little exciting, as we spent most of the day sharing the new Easter video made by the Church. I don't think it's techniquely available for viewing until this next Saturday, but that's the perk of working for the Church I guess.
Hope this letter was a littler better than "everything is fine" ya bunch of ingrat's (JK)
Con mucho amor (with much love),
Elder Yates

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