Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, March 9, 2015

Woohoo (Monday, March 9)

First off, I would like to say that today is the birthday of my companion, Elder Moreno. It may be unlikely that he reads this, but if he does (or someone at home can find his family and share through them our collective wish) ¡Cumpleaños Felices!

Anywhozit, this week was pretty nice in terms of the weather. There was a little rain one day this week, causing the next day to be super hot and muggy, but the rest of the week was overcast without the little showers. Then, this morning, it started pouring rain on our house. Luckily it calmed down to just sprinkling ('chicheando' se dice aquí) (they say here) so it was pretty nice. The only downside is that, once again, there is a bunch of mud everywhere. As for the day in which it rained, I was actually in an intercambio (splits) with our Zone Leader, so we got a nice picture walking in his area, which gets a little worse off than our area after rain.
Much of our week was spent studying in the morning with a few extra meetings in the afternoons, so we slowed down a little in the Work. We did, however, manage to tap into a grand help this week as we took some advice about talking with members a little more. So, we went and started talking to members about those who havn't assisted (attended) for a while and, lo and behold, we found some people that need a little help. Who'da thunk.
This last P-day we went and played a little of a sport that I think is called 'Wally' which is just Volleyball in a Raquetball court. It was super fun, but there was also a super nice looking pool that was pretty tempting to enjoy, especially after all the 'exercise' we had just done.
Today I think we have the plan to go and do some cooking and learning or something like that. Not so sure about the learning and cooking part, but I sure am excited to do the trying and testing part.
After much consideration, it is highly likely that el barrio Los Pinos (Los Pinos ward/neighborhood) is going to receive 2 more missionaries to wander and teach. Unfortunately, our little casita (house) only has space for 6. So, seeing as how our area is the farthest and the new area is probably going to be super close to the casa, the lot has fallen on us to find a new place to live. Luckily we still have the rest of this month to search, but it's going to be a little fun. We always pass places en alquilar (for rent), so we only need to find one that's acceptable, so it should be pretty easy. Not sure about leaving the only house I've known in Bolivia however...
Con amor, (with love)
Elder Yates

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