Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Más cartas (more letters)

Once again time to bless ya'll with my beautiful and elegant weekly letters. If only I also had the opportunity to read them... I guess I'll never know what it's like. Anyway, today we're in a different place than normal, and the keyboard is super funky. It's like an old style, big, bulky white keyboard. But the weirdest part is that it also has Korean keys. Super interesting.
As for this pas week, things went pretty well. On Monday we ate a whole bunch of food as a Zone, including enjoying some cake for Elder Moreno's birthday. Then, at night, we went to do a FHE with a family who also shared some cake in celebration. In short, we had a lot of cake.
On Tuesday we had a giant Multizone meeting. There was 6 zones, which I think was about 110 people, more or less. We got to listen to Presidente Zambrano and his wife give excellent discursos and learned much. Of course, they made sure we were also fed well. Before ending the Conference, we got a sneak peak at the new Church program for Easter, Gracias a que Él vive (Because He lives, or Grateful He Lives). It's pretty sweet, but (don't tell anyone) I like Él es la dádiva (He is the Gift) more. At least the people should actually understand the whole title of this one...
On Wednesday we went and took a little online survey because someone very important (I may have forgotten his name...) is coming to give a discurso at the end of abril and I guess we wants a little help deciding what we would like to learn of. The rest of the day went well.
Thursday we had a little intercambio that went pretty well, and Friday also passed without major incident. Saturday night the other Elderes had a baptism, so we went and supported that. Sunday was also nice and peaceful.
As for the situation with the house, we found a little home with some members that we can use, and, if it gets approved, we can move in quickly. The best thing is that it's actually in our area, so we don't have to walk as much. :D
Con mucho amor
Elder Yates
ps Picts inbound
So the chickens here climb trees fairly often. Not entirely sure if it's normal up there in the states, but it certainly is a bit strange to me.

The kitchen were we made the food, which was some traditional Peru dishes. Very tastey.

Elder Moreno and me enjoying one of his cakes, this one in the FHE (see next picture)
The family (Sanchez) with which we enjoyed said cake and FHE 

Elder Taylor, one of my two Zone Leaders
My other Zone Leader, Elder Ortega

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