Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bolivia (Monday, January 26)

This week, while not overly successful for me and Elder Fleming, was really good for our District. In a quick recap; 4 people were baptized in barrio Paraíso, we had a wedding in Los Pinos on Saturday, and another 4 or 5 people are getting ready to be baptized this week. Exciting times indeed are begining.
Otherwise, there were a few exciting points this week for us. This last Monday we met up with probably a bit more than 60 missionaries to play some football. Unfortunately, it took up a little more time than we wanted to, so we didn't really have much time to do anything else before trying to find a few people to talk with for a little while. 
This Thursday was a feriado, (holiday) but no one was really sure for what. The most accurate answer we got was 'por el gobierno.' (for the government) Not that it really made a difference honestly; it was still difficult to find people in their houses. We did have, however, a little Ward Party thing in the evening. I think it was supposed to be an oportunity to help us find investigators, but it was probably more of a fun time for the members as the ward played some games and drank some drank. It was held in a park called Cambódromo, a park which stretches 4 rings (I think its 40 blocks or something), a little big. Luckily we wern't wandering the enitre thing, only a little bit.
On Saturday we took a little time to visit and support the couple that got married. The ceremony was pretty nice I guess. I don't have any pictures unfortunately, so imagine the gym of a church with balloons and a white table with flowers and cakes. Add a lawyer and two people dressed in white and there you have it. Naturally there was food and drink, which we made sure to partake a little, but we didn't get to have any cake since we had to leave a bit early. A little sad, but I think I'll live. Maybe.
With Love,
Elder Yates

**Mom Yates here**

I got several pictures forwarded from Elder Flemings' mom this morning. I'm guessing this first one was from the wedding?
The rest of these pictures were of Elder Yates and Elder Fleming fooling around at the home of a less active member. Such goof balls!

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