Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More letters (Monday, January 12)

Woo another time to rack the vast space I call my brain to try to find something to write about. To make things even more fun, the space bar of the computer I am currently using is a little busted, so pay no attention if some of the words run together a little bit; it's just like trying to speak/listen to Spanish.
This week was pretty great in the missionary work; had a bunch ofvisits, met some new people, but most excitingly, la Hna Claudia is having her baptismal interview tomorrow (Tuesday) and when she passes the 'test' probablybe baptized this Saturday. It seems that whenever I write home saying we're going to have a baptism something happens, but  I'm pretty sure her baptism is secure. As for our other investigator ready to be baptized, Elder Fleming wants her to wait until her husband returns fromwork (many people here work 'en el campo' which means theyleave for a while with a few days of rest returning home) in the attempt to help him progress.
Also, a menos activo (less active) family has begun to attend church once again,with 2 assistances in 2 weeks! Unfortunately, the father also had to get his apprendix removed this past week so wepassed by to help him out a bit. Plus the father of another family decided to try flying from his roof only to learn that gravity still works. Luckily nothing major happened, just well bruised up a bit,but we stopped by to help a little anyway.
At last we  were able to find another excuse to use machetes - er, offer service this pást week. With 12 missionaries and 3 hermanos (brothers) we started to chop through the jungle (yes,jungle with smalltrees and vines) of a lote of a family in another barrio (neighborhood). It was good,hard work for over an hour, but we didn't quite finish. Not sure if all of us will return or only a part, but someone will get it done I think.
As I was studying this week, I was focusing on the words of the Savior,especially in His Sermón en la Monte. While this part in the Bible is bien, (good) it is a little confusing at times. Luckily, we also have His words in the Book of Mormon which explains it a little more clear. Something I also noticed is that the bienaventuranzas (beatitudes) are in 'order' if you will in terms of 'completion.' For example, the first one, poor in spirit (humble) leads to mourning  (repentance). Very interesting, ¿no?
With Love,
Elder Yates
p.s. As a side note, I received a package from my wonderful abuelos (grandparents) in Arizona as well as a letter from G.G!

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