Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, January 19, 2015

Carta (Letter - Monday, January 19)

Well, as always a little more time to focus on a different aspect of the Lord's work (which also is probably my parents' favorite part) by writing home another fantastic and super informative letter written by the super humble Me. What luck ya'll have to read my letters. Wish I could...
Anyway, this week was super exciting as we had the opportunity to baptize and confirm Hna. Claudia this past Saturday, which I was also able to do the baptism. The service went pretty well, but the details were a little fun to achieve, as we didn't know where to find the baptismal clothing and the Bishop was out of town for the week. So, we were calling around a bit trying to find where the clothing was. Luckily we found a few sets tucked away in some dark corner of our house the morning of the service, so we had a little time to wash them. Plus we were finally informed who had the

baptismal clothing for the ward, and delivered it into the hands of the correct people. Then, when we got to the chapel, the baptismal font was only half-filled and the water-filler house thingy wasn't working well. So, using our super smarts, we filled and hauled buckets until it was sufficient. Unfortunately it also meant the water was a little cold, but whatever.

Well, other than that I'm not entirely sure what else to write about as we were tunneling pretty hard on making sure the baptism went well. We were able to serve a couple more times with the blades of cutting in the week, and already have the next week fully planned with more service. It's pretty fun, if a little difficult at times. At least I get more time with machetes >:)
Elder Yates

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