Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, April 27, 2015


At long last we had a normal week again after all the conferences and extra meetings that we got to enjoy these past couple of weeks. So I might actually have some things to share.

On Monday we went and played some more fun Wallyball (with a picture). Almost every other Monday we've had have been very relaxed, but this one we did a lot of running around. There was especially heavy traffic as well as a section of the center of the city was closed down for cleaning. Again, not entirely sure how effective the 'cleaning' is down here. If ya'll are wondering why a part of the city would be cleaned, its because instead of having large Walmarts on every corner, there are open air markets that take up portions of the city. And, because these areas get a lot of people wandering through, quite a bit of rubbish finds its way to the streets. Anyway, we ran around for almost the entire day, and really enjoyed the time to sleep.
All the Elders enjoying their reward for their service.
On Tuesday we went and helped a family move their stuff to their new living space. Because it was only 2 and a half blocks away, and the people live pretty humbly around here, we got to carry everything down the street. Some things were definitely easier than others to move, but we did manage to get a hold of a wheelbarrow to help with the wardrobes and stuff like that. We got rewarded with some yummy food and I'm pretty sure pictures made it up there.

All the Elders who participated in the move

From there we were told we were going to have an extra meeting with the Élderes, but then later in the day we got a call telling us it was cancelled. So, we were left without plans before going and having the regular missionary meeting. If pictures from Linarez didn't arrive from this one either, it isn't my fault.

One of the pictures from Linarez


(The previous week he had mentioned they had visited the Linares family but no pictures had been posted. Hence, the "clarification" of it not being his fault if there weren't pictures again)

Wednesday we got to do some more service with the Bolivian lawnmower in the same place that we found the bees the other time we went to cut jungle. Lucky this time we were a little more careful and checked things before hand. From there I went to work in another area for the day with a different Elder to see how things are going. It was very strange to be in a different area, especially because I didn't know very much of the area. It was fun though.

Thursday we had a super fun Zone meeting, followed closely by doing the real work: eating lunch. The way that people in our area had time, we ended up walking a lot from one side on our area to the other. But the good thing is that all our walking was rewarded. Friday we decided to use as a day to share the #Gracias cards, mostly because no one had time to visit. We had a very interesting experience as well; as we went to talk with someone waiting a Micro, we were told 'somos católicos, no hablamos de otras religiones; no pecamos como así.' (We are Catholics, we don't talk about other religions and we don't sin either) In respect we started to back off and offer them a picture of Christ, which they strongly rejected saying 'no nos gusta Jesucristo, ni su madra ni su padre. No nada; somos ateos.' (we do not like Jesus Christ, nor his madra nor his father. No, nothing; we are atheists) I felt kind of bad for turning a God-fearing man into an athiest so quickly, but we moved on somehow.
Saturday we helped a family a little move a bit of dirt from place to place (felt like a roadworker in his giant CAT moving earth around). We taught a little then went to the baptism of a family that the other Elders in Los Pinos found, then waited in the chapel until ward council before returning home. On Sunday we got someone that we visited with that morning attend church with us, so that was good. We also met some references from members about super less active families in our area, but one of them we might not be able to teach. Very intesting sometimes the history of people.
Hope everything up north is going well, and the future Elder going to Argentina is practicing his 'j' sounds to put to use in that unique accent.
With love,
Elder Yates

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