Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

¡Mail Time! (Monday, April 20)

Hurray for more time to write back to the States. This week was a little boring in regards to fun activities and adventures, but I do have some pictures to share, so I'll share those.
This week we had a member of the 70 (Elder Waddell) come and visit our lil' ol' mission. As such, almost our entire Thursday was spent sitting in a chapel and listening to him. We only had a little time in the morning to study and eat a quick lunch before running over to get ready to be spiritually enlightened. On a side note, as we were eating we got a little visit from traveling preachers from another Church. We talked a little before they went off on their way. Anywhozit, Elder Waddell is a giant - even taller than E' Fleming. He also served as a missionary and mission president in Spain - Barcelona. A very cool guy.
On Sunday we had Stake Conference, in which another member of 70 (Elder IDontRemember) visited and talked a little. It was also really good. The rest of the day of Sunday was pretty relaxed as we spent the majority of the day with members visiting and talking. The night before (Saturday) we had originally planned to go to a sesson of the Stake Conference, as it was called La obra de salvation (The work of salvation), but we suddenly got a call telling us we couldn't go. As such, we were left without plans and walked around a bit trying to find someone that didn't go. Super fun.
I've written before about 2 specific investigators recently, and I'll take a little time to update what's happened. First, we had one that was doing well and getting ready for baptism. However, yesterday, he didn't make it to the conference. A little worried, we went over to try and complete our scheduled visit with him, only to learn that he had left to go to another church. Methinks we didn't do very well explaining the Restauración. The other, that was professing to see demons, we managed to find again. We also helped him get rid of all of his 'Saints' and images he had around his house. Unfortunately, instead of joining us in the Conference, he went shopping. The important things I guess.
Monday we didn't do much, as we had no activity as a Zone. Instead we went home and relaxed a bit. Then we enjoyed the sensation of having all plans fail and start knocked doors again. Unfortunately there was no grand experience this time. Martes (Tuesday) we went and helped a joven (youth) prepare his mission papers before having a few lessons. (His brother, Elder Llanque, is serving in Salta, Argentina btw) In the night we went and visited again with the Flia Linarez, and I'm sure photos have already arrived up there. Wednesday we had the great pleasure to have a repeat of Monday. However, we had the luck of also finding other religious preachers, so at least we had some people to talk to, right?
Love and photos incoming,
Elder Yates

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