Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, April 13, 2015

Más Cartas (More letters)

Muy buenos días todos, espero que su semana pasada fue bien, y que estén animados a leer mis cartas otra vez. Aunque mi memoria es horrible, me parece que eso no les importa mucho a ustedes (Good morning everyone, hope your week was good, and are encouraged to read my letters again. Although my memory is horrible, I think that does not matter much to you). Please don't kill me if this letter isn't 'missionary standard.' =/
For a little activity Monday we went to the zoo and looked at some animals locked up in their little cages. We also saw some fishes swimming in their little tanks. We enjoyed the time to walk around peacefully and not get rejected when we tried to preach the gospel a little. While the animals are good listeners, they're not exactly the best at understanding or responding to questions, so we might have to let them go as investigators. So sad. This time might have been a little better than the last time as more of the animals were awake, and we got to meet some perezosos (sloths). Very cool.
On Tuesday we moved into the new little casa. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, so let that be a little anxious suprise for this next week. On Wednesday we used a little time to get everything a little straightened up and organized as our Tuesday was packed pretty tight. On our adventures Wednesday we managed to find a person in a very interesting situation; ever since his moto accident, he has seen 'personas en todo negro' (people all in black) that others have told him is the Devil trying to kill him. Oddly enough we havn't been able to meet him since the first encounter...
Thursday was a little change of pace as E' Fleming y yo switched places for the day to see how the areas are doing. Luckily E' Fleming and E' Moreno had a pretty good day in our area. My day, however, was a little less exciting as (E' Fleming and E' Gonzalez being secretaries) we got to do some work in the office. We did leave to proselyte and have people to visit, but poor them being in the office every day. 
Saturday was the day of celebrations in the ward, as it was the birthday of the son of the bishop, a marriage, and the Mormon Día de los Hijos fiestas (Children's Day party) as it was actually on Sunday. Not entirely sure if the States has Children's Day, but down here it's pretty popular. We didn't get to go to any party except the marriage in the evening, so we kept ourselves busy visiting people instead. Oh well, maybe next time.
Sunday was also pretty peaceful, as once again our investigator con fecha asisted. He is really moving along well and will be baptized soon. We did have some good lessons this day, but because it was día de los hijos and almost everything was free for children, many of the families were absent from their homes. 
It's actually starting to get a little chilly down here, as the winter is approaching for us. And it's about time, as I've been in time of summer for almost a year. And, if it was possible, there's even more clouds and rain now. Woohoo.
Artísimo amor,
Elder Yates

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