Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 17, 2015


This was a week full of  fun surprises and adventures, and once again the weather was all over the place. Since the previous week, just about everyone was warning us that miércoles (Wednesday) was going to be freezing and rainy. However, when miércoles came, it was still nice and hot. Then, Thursday morning, it  chilled down a lot but then warmed up pretty quickly. Friday and Saturday were fairly cool, a great temperature for missionaries, but then Sunday got cold enough that we busted out our little sweaters for Church. And, this morning, the rain started to fall. It didn't rain too much, but now things are wet again. The best news of this is that now there isn't so much  dirt flying around everywhere.
As if the weather wasn't fun enough, all the power in our area went out Monday night, cancelling all our plans as we had to return home early. Luckily the power returned before we fell asleep. Tuesday went fairly well, and we got a little surprise that the family Montaño that's going to get  married this Friday still didn't do all the paperwork with the lawyers; and the last possible day to do it was Wednesday. They also asked me if I could be a witness for their marriage, but it would appear that only Bolivians can be witnesses for now. The good news is that they made it and got everything done Wednesday, so everything is set for Friday.
Wednesday we changed things around a bit as we had another little intercambio (exchange) with other Elders. I went to check things out in the barrio Chacos. As I worked with E' Stratton, we had much success visiting people. And I think only 1 of the visits we had didn't give us something to eat or drink. At the end of the day, E' Stratton told me he had never eaten so much in one day before, and asked when I would return as I was a 'good luck charm.' From what I heard from E' Quispe, he also had a pretty good day with E' Taylor in El Dorado.
Thursday and Friday were pretty average days as we walked and gave some lessons. Friday we planned to wander our way to the far edge of our area and seek out some references we were given. Unfortunately, we realized (and remembered) that the directions here arn't exactly the greatest, as the largely are 'la segunda calle, tercera casa a la mano derecha. Hay un tienda cerca.' (the second street, third house on the right. There is a shop nearby.) There are many small house-stores here, and house numbers are non-existant. As such, we got plenty of exercise and talking with new people.
We did a small intercambio Saturday with the other Elders in the house because there were several important appointments at the same time as a meeting, so we thought to complete both at once. However, it turns out we misunderstood the start time of the meeting, and since we were unable to get the chapel 'on time' the meeting was cancelled, and we were left without plans. We quickly threw something together and finished the night with a short visit.
This Saturday there are, in total, 16 planned baptisms. That also means 16 baptismal interviews, Luckily  3 are from us, so the Zone Leaders work with  them. The other 13 (what a lucky number) get to meet with me. While I'm happy to talk with people about the Gospel, I'm not too thrilled to be in interviews for several hours. The joys of leadership.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Yates

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