Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 3, 2015

Nuevo cambio

At the beginning of this brand new cambio, (transfer) we look forward to many great experiences and adventures here in the area El Dorado with my companion E' Quispe. No, we didn't change around at all. However, there was a small change with another Elder in the house leaving and another coming. The most interesting part is that the new Elder is from Brasil. As such, he speaks portugués and is learning español. There are now 3 languages spoken in our house. Talk about cultural diversity.

Because the weather is so strange here, I would like to talk a little more about it. The good news is that it no longer gets cold and the rain has gone away, probably to come again another day. It would appear that the heat has return for a good while to come. I am pretty happy, but E' Quispe not so much. On the other hand, there is a whole bunch of wind. Bastante viento. (Quite windy) This in itself wouldn't be so bad, if all of our area wasn't dirt and sand. But, because it is, we get pegged alot in the neck and face, depending on which direction we're going. I don't think I've ever eaten so much dirt in such a short amount of time.
To help us beat the heat and dirt a bit, the 4 of us Elders in the house went and bought some hats. I'll have to send a picture so ya'll get the right idea of how they are, but suffice it to say that I feel a bit like a cowboy talking around with the new hat. At least the 4 of us are all in the same sandy boat.
This past week was full of good teaching experiences, and E' Quispe is especially progessing a lot for his second cambio in the mission. The family that was going to get married the 7 had to postpone a few weeks for the 21 because of a few problems, but are super excited to move forward in life. We also have the daughter of a less active family that is starting to return to activity that is getting ready for her baptism, which will also be the 22 with the other family. The other Elders have another 13 investigators preparing for baptism the 22, with 2 families that are getting married the 21. With all these people getting ready, I only have a few wishes: first, that they all can ready by then; second, that they become strong in the faith; and third, that there will be enough clothing for everyone. We'll see shortly.
We got to do some more service for the first time in forever. The only bad news is that it didn't include the Bolivian lawnmower. Instead, we hauled dirt from one place to another for a good amount of time. The purpose of the haul was to fill up a low area that was collecting a lot of water, making it a bit unsafe. Unfortunately we didn't finish, so we'll return again this week to
haul some more dirt. Hurray for service!
A small update on my reading of the Old Testament: I'm currently in Ezequiel. In this book there are a whole bunch of strange parábolas and visions, making for a very interesting reading. Luckily I found a manual para alumnos (for students) from Institute so I have a little help understanding.
Con amor,
Elder Yates

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