Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 24, 2015


This week was pretty hectic in a good way. We had the great pleasure of being a part of 3 weddings and 15 baptisms and confirmations this week in the ward El Dorado. It was very exciting, emotional, and spiritual. The only downside is that we didn't have much time to work, as I'll explain shortly.
This past Tuesday we had the priviledge of participating in an all-day multi-zone conference with President Zambrano. We learned many wonderful and spiritual things and had a great time. Also, for the first time since the CCM, we were able to unite 5 of the 6 Elders that came from the CCM in México. It was nice to meet up with old friends after so long, especially as it was the first time some of us saw each other.
Wednesday was our only full day we had this week to proselyte the entire day, and we made good use of it visiting as many people as we could. We even got the help of a member with his little 3-wheel motorized vehicle thing in the afternoon, so we cruised around in style. In the night we had a special visit with the Flia Montaño that was baptized this week were we had a delicios 'dinner' of cheesy rice, yucca, and grilled chicken hearts. Honestly very tasty.
Thursday we spent all evening in the chapel, as I got to interview 13 people for their baptisms. The best news is that only 1 of them didn't pass. Then, Friday we spent the afternoon preparing the chapel for the weddings before returning home to eat dinner and prepare to head out to witness the 3 couples get married: the families Montaño, Batista, and Robles. It was very special, and many photos were taken, but to be passed along this next week.
Saturday was the big day, and we spent the afternoon cleaning up after the party from the night before and fixing up the chapel for the baptisms. We started with the movie of the Restoration before starting the ordenance for 15 people. Many people showed up to support the people from the ward, completely filling the room to watch. I had the personal pleasure of baptizing one of the 3 baptisms from our area. 
Sunday was pretty crazy as we had to do the 15 confirmations, which took up almost 35minutes of the Sacrament meeting. Then, in the afternoon, we went to visit with a young man that's leaving for his mission this Wednesday to Chile. We got trapped there for longer than we wanted, but still were able to visit with a few families before heading home to finish this crazy week.
With Love,
Elder Yates

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