Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Thursday, September 10, 2015


After the repeated comments of "Your letters sure have improved!" I've decided to back things up a bit to give me more breathing room and so a mob dosn't start a little more down the road. As such, this week got pretty hot and muggy, making it a difficult week for my companion, E' Quispe. There was also a whole bunch of wind and dirt flying around.
As a few more notes about my year in the mission, I'd like to say that we wash our own clothes here in Bolivia, for the most part. Some missionaries pay members to wash clothes for them, but we have no such luck here in El Dorado. Also, we don't have washing machines, so everything is washed by hand. As such, I've gained some pretty valuable experience for the future if I ever get left without a machine. 
In regards of this past week and all the wonder adventures passed, I'm not exactly too sure of what to write. In part because we didn't really do very many exciting things, and also because it would seem that I lost my agenda, so I don't have my little cheat-sheet to help me. However, we did try to beat the heat this week by getting some ice cream to snack on Monday before returning to normal, everyday missionary tasks. 
We got the oportunity to prestar servicio (perform service) twice this week again, one time Tuesday with moving more bricks, and another time Saturday where we helped to take out some trees. Let's say that we had more success with moving bricks. Nothing bad happened, but taking out tree trunks isn't the most fun thing in the world.
Wednesday we did another little intercambio with the other Elders in the house, and I got to spend the day with E' Fernandes the brasilero. We had plenty of time to speak and learn both English and Portuguese. Not entirely sure I'll return home falando portugĂȘus, but I'm pretty sure E' Fernandes will quickly learn English well. 
We've had some difficulties with our investigators this past week, especially because everyone only has time at 8 o'clock at night. We received some interesting questions, ranging between 'why are all the church leaders white' and 'what happens with gays' and everything inbetween. Not sure what happened so suddenly to bring up such questions, but it's been a different week for sure.
Con Amor,
Elder Yates
Pictures from the large baptism a few weeks ago

A photo of all the people in white (plus a little kid)
 Another photo of all the people in white without the little kid, but a little blurry

All the people getting baptized a few weeks ago

A photo of our makeshift hose (the other Elder isn't really doing anything of value, just wanted to be in the picture)
The other end of our makeshift hose (both of these Elders are doing things of importance)
Our chapel is a little 'out in the sticks' and more than just humans pass to hear the Word of God

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