Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nuevo Cambio

Well, this past week was the week of  cambios. (transfers) First off, I'm still in El Dorado, partnered with E' Quispe, serving as District Leader. The other Elders in our house also stayed the same. The rest of the zone did change, dramatically, including the closure of an area, and changing to 2 new Zone Leaders.
As for what we did this past week, we wound up doing a whole bunch of walking as people left town or got sick or too busy to meet with us. We have had the great pleasure of doing many service projects with different families, most of which involved moving bricks from one place to another. It seems like that's all we do anymore; I can't even remember the last time I got to use a  Bolivian lawnmower. It's a little sad, but someday we'll get the opportunity once again.
I would like to mention once again the insanity of the weather  down here, as Thursday  was a very warm day, but Friday was so cold I almost busted out the thermals. What made it even more fun is that it rained hard in the morning and there was a constant drizzle  the entire day. Somehow I managed to survive, but only just. Saturday was slighty  better,  as there wasn't rain all day, but it took until Sunday in the afternoon to start warming up again. And this morning started to look pretty gloomy again, but it cleared up, luckily.
Saturday we decided to have a little activity in the ward, so we set up things to watch the movie, Meet the Mormons. Oddly enough, no one told us that the same day was campeonatos (championships) in the Stake, so we had to compete a bit with the other activity in the same Chapel. Oh well, it still went pretty well with a good amount of people to watch with us. 
Sunday was also a little unique in how we got to Church. Since neither of the 2 Micros were able to give us a  ride once again, we had to make our own ride. Luckily another member drove by with his little moving truck from work, so we managed to get all of us inside the  back storage. Once Church finished, we didn't have to take the same means back as most of us were able to catch a ride with the Micro that went early. The 4 of us missionaries, however, got left behind to fend for ourselves.  
Elder Yates
ps It seems like I'll be completing a full year in the Stake Paraíso (Paradise Stake) with this cambio; Woohoo for the Mission Bolivia Paraíso!

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