Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, September 28, 2015

Día del Camba

This past Thursday was the day of recognition of Santa Cruz. It would appear that Santa Cruz became a department on the 24 of September. In a little celebration, the ward had a little fiesta in the chapel, which we made sure to attend. Of course we brought some investigators, so we wernt free-loading on the food, for the most part. It was a few simple and traditional foods, including masaco de plátano verde, masaco de yucca, and pan de arroz. Very tastey.
The rest of the week went fairly well. Monday we tried to visit some members for a small FHE, but the father was called in to work longer, so we had to reschedule for Tuesday. When we passed by Tuesday, our FHE plans turned into only eating dinner. Not that Im complaining, but not exactly what we had planned. Since it turned into a dinner, it made us pretty late to get to our last visit, leaving us only one option: flag down a mototaxi. We made it to the other side of our area very quickly to visit with the other family.
When we went to visit the family of recient converts, the Flia Montaño, on Wednesday, we found that the young couple had left to pick up their paychecks, leaving us to speak with their mother. As we were talking with her, she commented to us her desire to be baptized as well, and we put the plan to do so the 17 of October.
On Thursday we had the little celebration in the chapel, and afterwards we went to visit and party with another family of investigators. There we had good ol American hamburgers cooked on a grill. It seems that our style of burgers is the better one.
The weather up till Thursday was consistantly hot, and even in the morning the sun was pretty strong. However, it cooled down a whole bunch in the afternoon, and rained pretty hard for a few minutes. We had received warnings all week however, so we were prepared, at least for the rain. I didnt fair so well in the cold, but somehow I survived. We visited a few people and returned home to warm up a bit.
Saturday in the morning was also pretty cold, but warmed up really fast. What made it even worse was the added humidity after the rain. We spent most of Saturday in meetings and waiting for people to show up for the meetings, but we did visit a family in the morning. Theyre pretty alright for the most part, but focus a little too much in Apocalipsis methinks. Sunday we had many good visits with new investigators, with many people attending with us in church.
All in all, this week went well with many crazy changes in the weather.
With love,
Elder Yates

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