Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Well, looking through the titles of my email inbox it seems like my wonderful family got to escape from the toils of everyday life and go to Hawaii. Unfortunately they don't get to have the experiences I get to have in Bolivia, but maybe one day they will get the chance to find out. Much better being in the jungle than on an island. Especially because of what we did this week.

First off, for our little activity Monday we didn't play football; we played handball. It's basically the same thing, but with a smaller ball held in your hands. In the evening we went to visit a family that has a 'pet' alligator. That's right, we played with an alligator and taught of Christ. Can you do that in Hawaii? We also visited a family on the edge of the jungle, with a whole bunch of mosquitos. Not quite as cool as an alligator, but still an adventure.

For both Tuesday and Wednesday we went to cut some lawns with the Bolivian lawnmower. When I have my own house and Elders come to ask if I need help, they'll learn how to really work. I only have to get a machete through airport security. It shouldn't be that hard. Tuesday night we had an investigator that needed her interview with te Stake President, so we headed down to the Stake Center to get that taken care of. During the interview, we took advantage of the time to try to print out a bautismal record. After about 30min, we found one in English to print out. Luckily no one really reads the form, only the information.

Wednesday was much more calm, as we were able to proselyte normally the entire day after the service. We are finding plenty of people to teach, and many people show signs of progressing. Thursday as well, the only change being the District meeting in the morning. In the afternoon, we visited and finished the preperations for the 2 people that were baptized Saturday. 

Friday, after our weekly planning sesson, we headed out for another day in the sun (don't need to go to Hawaii for that). As we were contacting, we had a strange experience. There is a drink here called chicha, which I think is water, peanut and something else. Normally it's sano (healthy) and delicious, but ferments with time. Anyway, in one house we contacted, we were offered a cup of chicha. Expecting the chicha normal, we started to take a swig. It was not normal. We offered thanks and left. Shortly afterwards, we found the house of a reference that a family gave us. Well, they really only gave us their name, and ment to give us the address some day. You can imagine ouor surprise when we found them without trying. Coincidence?

As I already mentioned, we had 2 baptisms Saturday. One was the child of a less-active returning to church, and the other was a youth the other Elders had found. I stayed dry this time, as E' Quiroga was asked to baptism both. Before the baptism we went visiting normally. Sunday both were confirmed members of the Church. Woo for building up the kingdom. Sunday night we had a FHE with some members, where we ate the traditional soup, locro. We also got coconuts. Good ol' coconut milk.

A shorter letter today, oh well. Photos will come.
Elder Yates

ps de verdad no me importa mucho que salieron a Hawaii sin mí, sé que estoy en el mejor lugar :P (The truth is it really isn't important they went to Hawaii without me. I know I'm in a better place)

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