Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This past week was a very calm week for us down here in Trinidad. Almost the entire week we were blessed with the sun smiling down on us, providing light and life for the world. There was also a little rain storm Saturday that flooded the outskirts of Trinidad and got our streets all muddy. For me this has been my entire mission. For my companion, he told me he never had to use boots  in his mission before Trinidad. Strange how that works. We  didn't really do much this week, but I'll try to throw something together so thet the people back home don't riot.

Speaking of riots, there was some civil protest thing for who knows what Thursday, but more on that later. Monday night we had planned to do a visit with a family, and then we went and invited some other families to join us. I don't remember if we mentioned that the other families were going to join us before heading over. Anyway, we got to the house a little early and had to wait a few minutes for the husband to return home. When he did, he was being followed by 3 other motos of visiting families. Surprise visits are the best visits. Luckily we found enough chairs and a little light to put up outside.

We were going to do some service Tuesday morning, but instead had to go to a meeting with other missionaries. We were also in intercambio, E' Quiroga being called to leave me. Before he left, however, he joking told our pension that he was having cambios to Paititi. Later I'll explain what happened with that. For now, suffice it to say that my temporary companion and I went out to get lost in my area together.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to get too lost because we were visiting people all day, but it did cross my mind to go alligator hunting. Yes, there are wild gators in the edges and lakes here, and no, I don't know of any story of a gator attacking an Elder. Yet...

So, moving on, Wednesday morning we went to visit a family, and there we heard something interesting. It appeared that most of the ward thought that my companion was leaving to Paititi. The little comment he made the day before was believed and spread. A very funny  situation for me, but a little difficult for E' Quiroga. He had to explain to several different people  what happened. And so life moves on. There wasn't too much more excitement Wednesday, only walking and talking.

I mentioned early that Thursday there was some excitement in the city. Not sure why, but people where blocking streets and burning stuff in intersections and the like. As such, we were told not to leave the house until the evening. We camped out in the house and read the scriptures. Since our house is really just the second floor of a building consisting of a little kitchen, 2 rooms, an open space and a little balcony, I don't  really have space to set up the hammock. What a shame. When the clock hit 6pm, we rushed out to visit for the short time we had for the day.

Normally we have our missionary district and zone meetings Thursday, but this week we had to do it Friday because of politics. It seems like before we were doing too much service (can such a thing exist?) because we were told that we wern't being obedient about the rules of service; one approved project per week. Woops, we'll see if we can improve a little in that. After the meetings we went visiting. We visited some, and were also given plenty of time to walk and get to know random houses. In our contacting we found some inactive members aswell. There seems to be a lot of those around here.

With all the rain Saturday, we had to walk around in boots. It also ment that people wern't leaving to work too much, so we took advantage to visit them. We even found someone that was normally busy that we hadn't planned on visiting, but we were given the opportunity to  visit. Lucky us. Also, in Trinidad, they have giant water tanks made of cement that are pretty tall. A member in our area just happens to be in charge of the largest tower in our area, and he gave us permision to head up. He told  us it was some 22ish meters tall. After our adventure, we went over to the church since the other Elders had a baptism. Hurray.

And that's just about it for this letter. Luckily I have fotos to send as well, and will quickly follow this letter.
Elder Yates

Creo que es una piraƱa, pero no me acuerdo
(I think it is a piranha but I don't remember)

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