Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, March 7, 2016


Yet another week gone in the mission. Super crazy how fast the time flies, as it seems like just yesterday I was here writing a letter to all my adoring fans (o por lo menos a mi familia (or at least to my family)). Since I just got here the other week, I've been trying to learn the area. The good news is that the area isn't too big, and pretty straightforward in layout, so it isn't extremely hard.

So, Monday was a day that was pretty calm for me, as we only we in our area after 6. During the day we were playing volleyball, buying stuff to survive and washing clothes. Never though I'd like washing clothes so much, but it's pretty relaxing and gives plenty of time to think. Tuesday morning we went to de some service with the Bolivian lawmower. This time was a little different than other times, however; due to all the rain, and the fact that our area is lower that the rest of the city, the lawn was a little flooded. So, we cut both grass and water with the matchetes. It would have been fine if we hadn't splashed some mud all over. Woops.

So, after the service we had to run home and change quickly before heading back out to work. Right now, we have 2 people that are going to be baptized this Saturday, a little girl of 10 years and another of 21 years. We also expect that the other Elders in Mangalitos have 2 baptisms, so there should be 4 new members the next time I write.

Wendesday in the morning we had another opportunity to serve as we moved dirt from one spot to another. As I said before, houses and lawns often flood here with the rain, so we went to help fill up  a little pond that was forming. I don't think the ducks that were around there were pretty happy, but I hope they'll survive somehow. The good news for them is that it rained almost all Tuesday and Wednesday, so they arn't exactly suffering. 

Thursday morning, after the meetings, we got a little surprise as Pdte Zambrano passed by Trinidad on his way up north to take out all the missionaries from the Paititi ward. Not sure what happened, but it's a good thing that I got switched out. E' Quiroga and I spent the rest of the day normally, walking around and visiting people. I think last time I mentioned this already, but we meet a super good family Gaston (the guy from Beauty and the Beast, ¿no?) that are very interested in learning and even joining the Church. And they only have to get married first, woo!

Friday we got invited to eat lunch with a part-member family. Here in Bolivia there is something called Chancho a la Cruz, where they basically crucify a big (pig?) and then roast it over an open fire. Unfortunately, we didn't eat that; and it really doesn't have any relation to the lunch we had, only something that I'd like to try one day. I think Friday was the only day that it didn't rain on us, but it got plenty humid and sunny instead.  Not sure which I prefer more.

Saturday we got invited by other missionaries to go help cut the jungle that a family in their area had been growing, so we grabbed our trusty machetes and headed out. Once there, they told us to be careful as they had found a snake the other day. Unfortunately we didn't find any snakes, only broken beer bottles and old kettles. It started drizzling on us, so we called it time and started to head home. As we were heading along in mototaxis, it started raining hard and we got pretty wet. After changing, we headed out again confident that the rain had already passed for the day. Boy were we wrong. Let's just say we got pretty wet once again. Sunday it was also pure rain all afternoon. At first I thought that it wouldn't rain, and as such not need a poncho, but I took one anyway. and good thing I did.

I think more rain has fallen this past week then all the rain Arizona recieved in a year, and still some people say that this season has been drier than past seasons. How strange it is live in a jungle.

Elder Yates

**Sent in another email**

Something I forgot to mention in my letter, I got bit by an alligator this week. Inlcuded is the photo of said gator. Also included is the results of the rain in some parts of Trinidad.

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