Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, February 29, 2016

Año Bisieto‏

Woo febrero 29! How often does a missionary get to say that? Apart from this extra day of the year confusing some people, this week has been pretty interesting, what with the cambios and whatnot. I'll say now that I was a part of some changes, but so that people actually read the rest of this letter, I'll say what those changes were later.

To make the suspense bigger, let's start with Monday. After writing the last letter, we went as a zone to play some games. We didn't stick with just one, so I don't know if they had names. We did do things like tying balloons to our shoe laces, throw cream pies (I think) in people's faces, and run around in circles before trying to kick a soccer ball. It was interesting. After using the rest of the day cleaning and washing clothes, we went to do some small visits in the evening.

Tuesday morning we thought to go and do some service painting a house. However, when we got there, we found the house already painted. Still, being persistent in being of service, we found something to do: scraping the dried paint off the floor tiles with a butterknife. It was certainly a new service, but it reminded me of cutting lawns with a machete, only on a smaller scale. Service is still service. After that, we went visiting. We visited with a young man named Beymar who is progressing a fair amount in the gospel, reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day. I have high hopes for him, as well for 2 others that are going to be baptized the 12 of March. We also visited a young couple that needs to get married, who are also very excited to be baptized. The only downside is that they want to get married in June. Well, looking on the time table of the Lord, I guess it's not too far away...

Wednesday morning we were expecting to visit with the bishop of Paititi for the first time. Also, since he was out of town for the entire cambio, I was excited to get to know him. However, he canceled on us and I went the whole cambio without meeting the bishop. Don't know how to feel about that. The good news is that we spent the rest of the day visiting people. We contacted a guy that was in our area and were teaching him. We were pretty happy until we realized he doesn't actually live in our area. Woops. We also visiting with some converts, thinking to let E' Fusi say his last goodbyes before learning the cambios that night. And so it was. We got home and learned the cambios.

So, now for the highly awaiting time. First, I have a new companion named E' Quiroga. He is from Buenas Aires, Argentina. He is pretty funny, and shorter than me. Second, E' Fusi stayed in the area of Paititi 1 to start his 6th cambio there. So, where am I? I got switched over to another ward in Trinidad called Mangalitos, the exact other side of the city. As such, the rest of the week I was kind of lost, following my companion and trying to piece together the different parts of my new area. It's not too different from Paititi in the sense that the people live humble, but there isn't as much jungle. Instead, there are more ponds and small lakes. A whole bunch of water.

Other points of interested, it has been constantly raining this week. Every day at least a little, and always cloudy. We've been told it's 'water season' here in the jungle. Unfortunately no one knows when it ends, as I've heard answers ranging from the middle of febrero until the end of May. Normally the rain isn't too bothersome, but Sunday it went crazy. A solid 3 hours of hard rain made it kind of difficult to stay dry, and boots a necessity. We also played futbol Saturday morning as a zone, which was fun.

Love ya'll.
Elder Yates

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