Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, February 1, 2016


Woo first day of febrero! Hard to believe how fast time flies. It's already the month of the Bolivian Carnavales. This year (since the exact date changes) the craziness shall be this next Monday, so we'll probable be locked up again from Saturday until Wednesday. Nothing is completely confirmed just yet, but I'm guessing it'll be así (so). Maybe we'll be able to write home Saturday like last year, but if not, don't get freaked out if I don't write next Monday; It's because we'll be trying to survive the locura (madness).

With that great news, this last week was super good. I'm getting to know the jungle bit by bit (yes, we sometimes go out there, but not often) and all that it brings. I've seen some beautiful things, from trees and plants to native artwork. Especially since last Monday we went as a zone to a little museum that talked about the ancient cultures of Beni. It was pretty cool, and se saw some cool artisan work. Also on Monday, since we had a little extra time of P-day, we went and played some fussball. And I have to say, latinos are good at more than just football with their feet...

Something super bueno about Beni is that people are more receptive to service, so Tuesday we went to cut the lawn of a family with the good ol' Bolivian lawnmower. We also had to deal with a little swarm of petos that, apparently, wanted to make their hive by the house, so we cleared those little pests out. And, this time, we escaped unscathed. Then, in the afternoon, we had to go out to the otherside of Trinidad because a companionship was going to have some baptisms, and I (their DL) had to give some baptismal interviews. It was a little weird doing interviews again after some time, but it was nice to get to know more of the city. It's a pretty good size, but nowhere near the size of Santa Cruz.

As I said before, we do more service here. Wednesday morning we went to help a family move some more bricks and destroying more of the broken house. We find some pretty cool bugs, spiders, and snakes in the rubble. And no, nothing bad happened here either. That night we were also visiting a family that needs to be married before getting baptized. We had a super powerful lesson, and we had great hopes that they would put a marriage date. (When we returned later in the week, they hadn't, so we talked a bit more and left them the challenge again with more ánimo (energy)) We also got to know the president of the SocSoc (Relief Society) and ate ourselves full before returning home. A good day.

If it wasn't for the District Meeting Thursday, I think that we might've had more service. But we didn't, so we went about visiting as normal. At long last we got to know a less active member that we were trying to meet for a few weeks, and he seems like he really wants to return to the Church. We also had a little Video night in the chapel to invite people. There was a decent turnout. Much better than the English class that we were supposed to have Friday night, which we had to cancel because not even the person with the keys showed up. Oh well, we instead passed by a party one of the Church organizations had going on to see if any new people showed up, and to get some food (not entirely on purpose the second part, but I won't complain).

Saturday morning we once again had more service. Again we went to clean out weeds and stuff, but this time without the machete, just with our hands. Luckily we only found ants and a frog this time. We also had some spare, broken down dressers and bed frames in our house. Instead of just throwing them out, we donated them. Score one for us on cleaning out the house without adding more mess to the streets. Since next week is Carnaval, we decided to fast this weekend. The good news is that it wasn't hot at all. In fact, we didn't even see the sun. It was a rainy and cloudy weekend. It rained pretty hard for algunos (about) 20min Saturday afternoon, and then just sprinkled the rest of the weekend. Even now it continues, but should soon let up.

It's super cool serving in Trinidad, as the people are very receptive, the scenery is very beautiful, and there is rain and mud. 

Love ya'll lots,
Elder Yates

va a disculpar que no los envié la otra semana, pero aquí están ahora.
(I'm sorry I didn't send these last week, but here they are now)

Yo y mi compañero, E' Fusi, con la flor Patujú
(Me and my companion E'Fusi with the Patujú flower)

I also sent him a warning letter about the Zika virus that has been in the news letting him know he should be using bug spray to avoid the virus and this was his response:

The other day in Montero we were talking with a less active that is older (80's) that was telling us how all these new diseases were made by drug companies so that their pills would sell. While not quite related, this email reminded me about said conversation. Luckily I have yet to get dengue, chikungunya, nor zika, even when my companions and room mates have. I plan on continuing the trend. I wished him luck in this goal of his.

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