Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Well, this was a very strange week for me, and a very uneventful one
to write home about. We really didn't do too much this week
unfortunately, and I'll explain why. Also not too excited about the
cambios this week (spoiler) because E' Fusi has already been here in
Paitití for 5 cambios, so it's very likely he leaves me. Oh well, the
mission moves on.

Monday was exceptionally uneventful, as all we went and played some
fútbol for our activity as a zone, and spent the night visiting some
people. Tuesday was also kind of boring, as we spent a lot of the day
walking as appointments fell through. As we were walking, it started
to rain pretty hard out of nowhere. Luckily I always bring a plastic
bag with me during proselyting, so my scriptures didn't get wet.
(Don't worry, the exciting stuff is coming.)

Wednesday we had some service erecting brick walls. It was fun, and it
started to drizzle on us again. When we finished and were super
exciting to start visiting, we get a call from the ZL that we had to
go to the center of Trinidad to pick up another Elder. It would appear
that the missionaries serving in the other cities of Riberalta and
Guayaramarim come here to do immigrations, so after a slight delay we
started visiting around in a trio. I felt kind of bad for the new
Elder, who came in normal shoes while we where in rain boots, as we
were walking around in the mud. A fun little adventure, but then we
had to go back to the center to drop him off.

Thursday all of our meetings were bigger, because of the 10-something
missionaries that came to join un in Trinidad for a while. After
eating lunch in our area, we had to return once again to the center to
pick up a different Elder to come and join us. A whole bunch of
traveling - as we had to drop him off in the night - but it was kind
of interesting to work in trios again.

So, Friday looked like it was going to be a normal day, full of visits
without having to run to the center. and we were pretty happy. But
then, it all started. First during personal study, the ZL tell us we
have to be home by 7pm the next 2 days and not leave Sunday, which we
were expecting. However, during language study, we get another call
telling us not to leave at all until Monday. And there went all our

As such, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent locked up in our
house. We passed the time cleaning the house, washing clothes, and
reading the scriptures. From the little contact we had with the
outside world, we learned that all of the missionaries in all of
Bolivia were on lock-down because of what happened in La Paz. Google
it if you want to find out more.

And now here we are. A very exciting letter, I know. I think I have
some pictures to send, so woo for something.
Elder Yates

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