Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, February 8, 2016


Well it looks like we got some time to send out our last will before
the madness begins. I don't really have much to write about, but I do
have some pictures to send. They will come this time.

The week passed by super fast. Not sure what happened, as we all
thought that it would be a long week because of the waiting. It all
started Monday where we went and cooked hamburgers and played ping
pong together as a zone. We also met a reference we were given,
Beymar, who is a good guy. He played profesional soccer, but then
stopped because I don't know. He's super interested in the gospel, and
the best part is we've visited with him several times already.

When we were doing service Tuesday morning, it started to rain hard.
As such, our service changed from cleaning up the lawn of the family
to putting up raingutters. It was interesting. Luckily, by the time we
finished installing the gutters and heading home, the rain stopped.
But the streets were already flooded, so that was fun. It also rained
Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. It hasn't rained yet today, but
we'll see.

After more service Wednesday, we did a little intercambio. Since my
whole district is in the same ward (aside from the Sisters), not much
time was used in travel. We did, however, take a long walk out to a
little aisalated community to preach a while. When we were out there
teaching, it started to rain super hard. We started outside, but
quickly had to move inside the little house, where I still got a
little wet sitting in the doorway. It rained super hard for over
20min. Needless to say, we were very glad we were wearing boots.

Apart from all the rain Thursday, it was a pretty normal day. Because
of all the rain, the people didn't want to leave their houses, so we
got some good exercise in. Friday as well. However, we did get a
little more adventuras Friday, as our planned route brought us out to
the farlands of our area. For info to be given with the fotos. And
Today, not much has happened. The only thing of note is that we, as
the entire zone, got up early this morning to go and play futbol on a
large field. (As a house, we got up to play 2 or 3 days I think.)
Because running kind of sucks, I just played goalie. But a good

Elder Yates

Some stuffed pigs that we wanted to (but didn't) eat. 
We took the picture a while ago, but just now it's getting sent. Sorry.
After a whole bunch of rain, these 2 rainbows (not sure if you can see the second one in the picture) appeared. They disappeared pretty quickly too. 
 There's a little river in our area, and we found this cool little spot to take pictures.
 The trail that we were taking to contact. 
To one side is the little river from photo 3, and to the other side there are some houses.
 The other side of the trail from photo 4. There were some cows blocking our way, but they scrammed pretty quickly when we passed by.
 Here in South America there is something called mate, which is basically a cup filled with water and ground leaves and sticks that is drunk through a special straw. Technically mate is with hot water, but I perfer with cold water (tereré). Essencially herbal tea.
 Part of the jungle
 Evidence that we were there in the jungle of photo 7
 A tree in the jungle. We wanted to do some fun stuff, but time was short and the mosquitos were many.
 In Trinidad, it is common to have giant water tanks, that supposedly help distribute water to the neighborhoods. I wouldn't know. I do know, however, that they can be climbed, and are pretty high up. A good perch to seek out those investigators.
 Another view from the same water tower of photo 10
 'Selfie' from the water tower of photo 10, evidence that I was there.

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