Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Elder Yates sent me a whole lot of picture this week, but didn't label any of them. I will do my best to label and hopefully, not get too many wrong. (P.S. Editing a post on a 7" touch screen tablet is REALLY hard!)

Elder Yates at the Mexico City temple grounds.

The black name tag he will be wearing everyday for the next 2 years...

Casa 44 - home sweet home while at the CCM

I would guess this is a building at the CCM, not sure what building it is though...

Just a few of the missionaries from his district - must be study time...

The whole district at the Mexico City Temple

The whole district at the Mexico City temple without a guys head in the way...
Elder Yates and his companion, Elder Gunderson

Elder Yates and his companion, Elder Gunderson at the Mexico City Temple

Part of his district, not sure what they are all waiting around for...

A building at the CCM, not sure what the significance of it is or if the picture is just because it says Brigham Young

The Mexico City Temple. Unfortunately, the temple is currently closed for refurbishment and will be for the next year so they weren't able to go in, just visit the Visitors Center on the grounds.

Another view of the beautiful temple.
The missionaries he shares his apartment with at the CCM

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