Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Third week

As I stop to write my reflections of this past week down in the CCM in Mexico, I notice that the events stop occurring frequently because the routine has set in. I´ll try my best to share what I´ve got though, so bare with me with this letter.

My district enjoyed the pictures from home I got (thanks Mom!) and it was comforting to see my amazing family again. I really don´t want to say I don´t miss my family, but I am kept busy enough to not get weighed down with their absence. I can´t even begin to imagine how bad it must be for my family to be missing the most amazing, important, and humble member. Actually tried the couches in our casa this week, since we actually had like 30min of free time, and I think I would find a rock more comfortable. After, we played some hardcore sand volleyball for almost 3hr, which would have been perfect if we didn´t all get sunburned. Heh heh, live and learn.

We´ve started to have 2 ´investigadores´ at one time, so it can be fun sometimes to remember what we taught whom, but we have planners and stuff for that. Otherwise, most of the time I am stuck up in our little classroom either studying or being taught. Not saying it´s bad, but I can´t wait to get out into the mission field and start the fun part of the mission. 

When I first arrived, my zone had 5 districts in it. Last week, one district left without getting a replacement. This week, two districts are leaving, and I think we´re getting one back. The CCM has lost significantly more people than its gained while I´ve been here, signaling the summer rush is ending. Kind of happy there are less people now, since the ping pong tables are actually open (woo!) and the Comedor isn´t packed all the time.

We´ve been blessed to listen to some amazing devotionals this past week. Sunday we got the privilege to listen to an Elder Octaviano Tenorio, who actually gave a talk in one of the 2007 General Conferences. He talked about a variety of things, including the first times he got mugged and kidnapped in Mexico (extremely comforting, by the way). The director of the CCM, Elder Cates, also gave an amazing talk about focusing on missionary work. Last night, we had a live devotional from the Provo MTC from Elder Richard G Scott, which would have been even more amazing if it had not been (essentially) the same talk we heard 2ish weeks ago.

Monday night was our Mexican Night in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. There was just over an hour of traditional Mexican and Native American dancing with music to match. I thought it was amazing, but the others in my district found it quite boring. Utah-ians just don´t know good Mexican culture when they see it I guess. That night was rough though, since all around the CCM were celebrations and explosions, which I think were for fireworks, but there was nothing close to the fireworks we know from the good ol´ USA.

Getting kind of sad, since my siblings obviously don´t love me enough to email me :(. Christina says she wrote me a letter, but no luck yet since no deliveries occur on the weekend or on Mexican Independence Day. I´m hoping (as well as the whole district) we get some good letters today though. Of course, can´t forget Ryan´s birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday!), feels so exciting to be pulling a ´Mom and Dad´ by not being with him on his birthday. I´m just kidding of course (or am I?) and am sad I´m missing the big 17, old enough to buy his own M rated games!

Love all ya´ll,
Elder Yates

Can you see the nest with baby birds in it in the middle of the fronds?
 I'm going here when I leave the CCM!

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