Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Second Week

Well, another week down and a new P-day begun. Don´t have as much stuff to write about for this week since things have begun to shift into a routine, but I´ll try to share what I´ve got.
Much of our morning is filled with classes on Spanish, teaching, and teaching in Spanish. The rest of the morning is scheduled for study time. Our ´investigator´ turned out to be our new afternoon teacher, so now even after lunch we got more studying to do. On the plus side, we also have gym time in the afternoon, so we get a little break. Tuesdays are also service days, woohoo!
Most frequently during gym times we try and play some volleyball (which, it turns, I´m pretty good at), but we have also done some basketball, Ultimate frisbee, and even some soccer (also pretty decent, who knew). Gym time is probably turning out to be my 5th most favorite time of the day (right behind meals and bedtime of course). We´re also learning the Mexican Independence song thing, since Mexican Independence day is the 15 or 16, so we get to have a fiesta and sing next Monday.
While our district is not always the best at studying, we get into some especially spiritual moods, usually after a devotional. We listened to an amazing (recorded...) talk from Elder Holland about the need to convert yourself as a missionary just yesterday. Since the first blessing of comfort for one hermana, I have since also blessed another hermana for health and anointed another Elder, which a different Elder then offered the blessing for.
Don´t get to see Elder Hart to frequently, and I havn´t really met anyone else I know from Arizona, but i have met some new people from the Valley area (no one has heard of Surprise though, how odd). Well, except for Elder Quarnberg (sorry for botching the spelling =\) that just arrived this past week. So crazy seeing him again; think he said he was going to Honduras.
The food here is great (not as good as Mom´s though). They switch between authentic Mexican food, generic plates, and even try their hand at American classics. We had curly fries for lunch the other day with bacon cheeseburgers, and while the burger was pretty ok, the fries were delicious. Also get to drink all the milk I could possibly want (it´s whole milk, but whatever). Don´t think I got something I didn´t like yet, but Christina would probably live off the cereal that´s always out.
Had fast and testimony meeting this past Sunday, which was also the last Sunday another district in our Zone had here in the CCM, so they dominated the meeting (in Spanish of course). Not that I´m complaining; they all had great testimonies to share, and talking in Spanish is still kind of odd. That night we had another area 70 speak to us, this time about repentance. He described it as someone taking a shower, and how we shouldn´t feel like repentance is a bad thing to have to do. Rather, we should feel blessed to be able to have our filthiness removed from us. It was an amazing talk, and the notes I took makes me feel better about falling asleep during the CCM President´s talk (whoops).
Our district finally got our first letters yesterday; one for me, one each for 3 of the 4 hermanas, and 3 letters for one Elder. My letter was from my wonderful, loving mother that (evidently) thought it would be funny to have me struggle to read her cursive. I only have a few words that I can´t quite make out, but the letter is awesome.
Spent the morning of my P-day preparing (what a great missionary I am!) by cleaning the casa and attempting to shine my shoes. Don´t think it went too horribly, since you can still tell they´re supposed to be black, but whatever. Our plan for the rest of the day is to play until dinner, so it´ll be fun. Oh, and then teach another ´investigator´ afterwards. Fun stuff!
Love and miss all you guys that are stuck at home while I´m stuck down here in the CCM, just waiting to get started, and my next email will be even more amazing (maybe). The attached picture is my awesome zone.
Elder Yates

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