Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Week

Well, after giving all the praise to my companion E' Flores, I learned that he actually hates me as he tried to brutally cut off my finger with a chair. Luckily I was able to fight him off. Before everyone (Mom) starts panicing, nothing actually happened; I just got my finger hit pretty hard on accident. I only wanted to start off with something interesting before ya'll fall asleep.
This past Monday we went to the zoo to see all the pretty animals. While it was my 3rd time already, it was the first for many, so está bien (it's good). This time was also very unique, as the photos that I should be sending will show. The only downside is that it used most of our day as we are a tad bit farther from the zoo than I was before, so the bus rides were a little longer. As such, we were a little rushed to get everything ready and prepared on our P-day (which should be the exact oposite of today, as the heavy rain canceled all plans of doing stuff). The plus side is that Monday night we were informed of immigrations that E' Flores needed to do bright and early Tuesday morning. Getting up super early, we had to get to the other side of town by 6:30 so we could wait in line until almost 8:30. At least we wern't the only ones; there was a total of 31 missionaries that needed to sign a little piece of paper in the Bolivian DMV, plus algunos (some) 9 of us that just got dragged along. Really felt the toll of disturbing the sleeping pattern as I've been especially tired the rest of the week.
Thursday was also pretty fun, as after we had our little District Meeting, it started to rain. Hard. We really enjoyed walking around all day in the mud and rain. It was also our day of following Nephi's example in 1 Nefi 4:6-7 (if I remember correctly its somewhere around there). Unfortunately we didn't have as much success (no one that I know of died) but we were able to meet and get to know several inactive families that havn't attended for a while, which makes this next week much easier.

Friday it started off pretty cold in the morning, but quickly got warm before cooling off a lot at night. !Tan raro el clima aquí¡ (The weather is so weird here!) Anyway, in our travels today we were joined by a ward member that served a 8 month mission (cut off for health problems; currently tring to return) in Brasil, so we tried learning a little portugués. As a side note, everyone that gets asked to help the missionaries, PLEASE DO, missionaries without help are severely limited in who they can visit, as well as a ayudante. Saturday was also pretty calm and peaceful, and we were joined by another ward member all day. The youth (cuz I'm not, ¿no?) here are very helpful for us missionaries. When we went to teach a family, the Hno was just starting to cut his 'lawn,' to we quickly grabbed tools and helped cutting all the green. Unfortunately we cut a little too much of their garden. Luckily they forgave us.
Sunday was another rainy day, all day. There was also a whole lot of mud everywhere. I remember mud being a lot more fun and exciting as a small child... We had the pleasure of having the Primer Consejero de la Estaca (First Counselor in the Stake) join our meetings today, and he quickly recognized me from Los Pinos. Here there is a word to describe people like him: wasquiador. No sé si pueden entenderlo (I highly doubt it), pero un día lo explicaré. (I don't know if you can understand (I highly doubt it), but one day I'll explain.) We walked around with much water falling on our heads, and was actually a very pretty day.
The sky this morning was flaming orange; interpret that as you will.
With Love,
Elder Yates


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