Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mes de Mayo (Month of May)

¡Woo happy Cuarto de Mayo! (4th of May) ¡Feliz día temprano de ninguna cosa importante! (Happy day of nothing important) We had a little holiday down here in Bolivia the first of May, called Día del Trabajo. (Day of Work) I was told its because of some guy from the US protesting artísimo trabajo (artisan work) some 200ish years ago. A better name would be Día de flojera, (Day of the Lazy) but who am I to judge?

This week is another round of transfers, and I'm super excited to start my 6th transfer here in Los Pinos. It has also gotten surprisingly cold down here, introduced with many days of solid rain. The rain here is very odd; one second all is calm, then the next its raining harder than Noah's era, only to die down to a light drizzle after a minute or two. Extremely strange.

Monday was very relaxing day as we started off playing some hardcore fútbol followed by buying food and relaxing in the lil' casita. 
Tuesday we decided to go and conocer (get to know) a little more the edges of our area, and should be including these photos quickly. 
Wednesday I went to see how another area is going. We managed to get pretty lost and wound up in the South mission by accident. Whoops. 
I think I repressed a little what happened Thursday, so we probably did something sumamente inicuo. (extremely wicked) From what I remember we walked a bit and tried some contacting again. Then there was another wedding that was brought about by the missionaries, so we went to support that. 
On Saturday we were going to de some service, but it got canceled because the Hermano (Brother) wimped out in the rain. We then decided to go to the absolute far edge of our area in search of a reference we recibed. (received) Luckily we found him without a problem, because it was in the middle of nowhere. We then had to run all the way back to the chapel (algunos (some) 30min in a straight line of driving) to have a little ward council before returning home. 
Sunday was also pretty relaxing, and we spent some time learning how to make a plato tradicional called masaco. We ran a little late returning home because of a NDH (FHE) we did with a family, but it went well.

Sorry for the super brief summary of the week, but in cambio (exchange) I have plenty of photos that need some explanation or will be a little confusing. And, if I can tap into my super techy skillz, I'll send a little video about making masaco. (He was unable to send the video because there is a limit of 25mb on the email and the video is 26)
Elder Yates

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