Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, May 11, 2015


Well, I finally managed to get a call to serve somewhere else than the mission Los Pinos. It was a good 7ish months+ and I learned a lot, but I'm also excited to get to know a new area. Speaking of which, I now have the pleasure of working in El Dorado (the City of Gold) of the zone Chacos. Interestingly enough, I continue in the Stake Paraíso (Paradise), and all I really had to do to change wards was cross some railroad tracks. Such a long and difficult journey, I know. As such, I'm still on the edges of the city and enjoying all the dirt and mud. I've been told that the mud here is worse than in Los Pinos, so I'm excited for when it rains, which should be really soon.
My last few days in Los Pinos were very laid back, as we played some fútbol on Monday until heading home to rest a while. After we went to visit some people  and get some more exercise. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings were spent in busy study as we rushed to finish the training program that should be finished in the first 2 transfers, during the time that we try to use to offer service. As such, we didn't get to work with any fun herramientas (tools) my last few days in Los Pinos. Wednesday night we got the call informing us of the changes, so I got to throw all my stuff in my suitcases quickly before sleeping away the final night-
Thursday was when we actually moved around, and I was lucky enough to have E' Taylor (my old ZL) also change with me to Los Chacos. Friday and Saturday were spent getting to know the area. It's pretty big, and with a whole bunch of dirt. Everywhere. From what I've noticed its also a little cleaner trashwise, so that's a plus. It's kind of like Los Pinos, amostly a residencial area, but for whatever reason more popular. Motos are also much more popular than autos, and we always see moto-taxis flying by. Unfortunately I was told we can't take them inside the city =(
Many already know that for Sunday (Mother's Day) we got to call home for a while. It was nice, but I'm sure Mom enjoyed it more than I did. When we went to Church, it was in a wearhouse. A big wearhouse with makeshift walls and speakers thrown up. It was very different experience, but next week we move to the newly made Chapel. I got lucky enough to see it right before it gets abandoned. In Church, there were several people that recognized me from Los Pinos. Plus our pensión (family that feeds us) is family of the pensionista (family that feeds missionaries) of some of the other Elders in Los Pinos, so we already new eachother a bit. Buena gente (good people).
I got put as DL again, and my ZL is good ol' Elder Gunderson from the CCM. Good times in the cárcel (prison) celestial...
With Love,
Elder Yates
(Elder Yates mentioned in his call home that his new companion's name is Elder Flores and he is from Peru, out about 3 months now. While he didn't mention him in his letter, he did send a picture.)
mi compañero

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