Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nueva Semana (New Week)

Woo for the first full week in the City of Gold. As I thought and mentioned in the other letter, it didn't take long for it to rain on us and further hide the gold under mud and water. Lots of mud and water. It's actually kind of absurd how much mud and water. At the very least it makes things a lot more interesting and fun to try and walk around. There are some 'puddles' that I'm pretty sure we could swim in without a problem.
Speaking of the weather, it's also quite absurd. It goes from really cold to really warm pretty quickly. The clouds also love to cover all of the blue sky, but leave the sun to smile down on us. Never have I seen such a strange climate, going from gray and depressing to super bright light almost every day. Plus I'm told that the Sur has yet to start, so its bound to get even colder. Can't wait...
This week went pretty well as I got to know the area a bit more and meet more people. A very common trend around here is the co-habitation, with people living together without getting married. It mostly has to do with the large cost of the whole ordeal I think, as this area is also very humble. However, we've already had 2 couples express their desires to get married, so that's a good sign. Another trend around here are churches. A whole bunch of churches. There's one church practically behind our house that stole all their songs from the SUD himnario. (LDS Hymnal) Very interesting to hear all the different versions they have.
In regards to the new chapel that was supposedly finished and ready to be used, it actually wasn't. I was told that it wasn't quite perfect enough, so the workers have to return and touch things up a bit, and that it should be ready in a few weeks. Unfortunately, we didn't learn about this until 9:30 Saturday night, after already going a whole week getting all the people excited about the new chapel. Needless to say, we were a little frustrated that we wernt' told earlier, but got to work anyway calling and telling everyone that we could that we had to return to the old, almost abandoned wearhouse to have church for a while more. Luckily people were understanding, and we still had a decent day of church.
I learned a little more of my companion this week as we travelled, and he's a pretty cool guy. Elder Flores is the only convert of his family, and headed out on his mission only a year after being a member. He was a professional fútbol player and also raced motos, winning 3 big races (don't ask me what ones, all the names are odd and Spanish). He's very excited to be a missionary and loves to work hard. We work well together, and I'm excited for this time to work with this Peruano. (Peruvian)
Mucho amor,
Elder Yates
p.s. Enjoyed much amor (love) from up there al recibir cositas (and received packages) from my family and good ol' SV ward

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