Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, July 13, 2015


For the first time for 28 years, the Pope himself came and visited Bolivia this past Thursday. In celebration, we were locked up in the house all day. As such, we didn't really do much this day, and the week was full of people talking about his coming. Such a historical event, and the only thing worthy of note that we did was order a pizza...
Anyway, the 3 of us are still in trio. The weather also kind of sucked the first few days of the week, from Monday until Wednesday needing several layers of clothing to be comfortable. However, Thursday suddenly heated up a lot, which continued until this morning. Plus, the wind has started to blow, and it gets pretty strong. Santa Cruz really is a beautiful place, but the weather is a bit funky.
This week passed by really fast, and was filled with visiting and teaching (almost) every day. As such, we didn't have much time to do much worthy of note. We do spend a lot of time talking about this and that, so at least we don't get bored. We do, however have many spiritual experiences and miracles daily. This past week we got a call asking for a bendiciĆ³n de salud for someone that was going to have surgery, as a small tumor was found. However, when she went to the clinic after the blessing, she was told that there wasn't a tumor, only some swelling. 
As kind of a side note, the youth in Santa Cruz had their FSY(the 'new and improved' EFY) week. As such, we heard many wonderful and powerful experiences they had Saturday and Sunday, which made me regret a little not going when I had the chance. Oh well, all I can do know is advise those that are still young enough to go to go.
Short Letter this week, I'm sorry, but currently there is a downpour going on.
Lots of Love,
Elder Yates

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