Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, this semana (week)was an interesting one. Everyday we had something to do for some reason or other that took up almost the entire afternoon, leaving us only a few hours in the night to visit people. The good news is that the 'winter' season has passed, so we're safe from the awful cold for a while. The bad news is that E' Quispe is extremely acostomed to cold environments, and, even though it's only a bit warm, is already starting to die from the heat. I feel a little bad for him, but we'll survive.
Even though we were a little time-limited this week, we still saw a lot of progress. For one thing, we found a new family that is extremely interested in listening to the gospel. They're a family that came from La Paz, and, about 14 years ago, heard a little about the Church and even obtained a Book of Mormon; they managed to lose it however. Another family, the Flia Montaño, the family that is going to get married the 7 to be baptized the 8, managed to disapear about 3 weeks ago. We found them again this week, still getting ready to complete these goals. Yet another family that is a bit less active is starting to return to the Church, or at least the wife and children for now. However, this past week we were able to visit with the husband, and he actually offered  the closing prayer; a huge step forward.
A small problem that we have for our area is that the chapel is a bit far away, leaving us the options of taking 2 or 3 buses (depending on where we start) or flagging down a taxi that is willing to make the trip out there. Not surprisingly, not everyone is willing to make these sacrifices just yet, especially investigators and large families. The good news is that 1 or 2 members offer to give rides to people in their buses, if we arrive at the proper time in the proper place. Luckily we don't have problems with this Sundays, but during the week when we have to get out there we're left to fend for outselves. The worst part, however, is that out by the chapel not a whole lot of transportation passes by, especially at night. It's always an adventure trying to return home at 8:45 or later because of meetings.
Also this week we celebrated 2 birthdays, one for E' Quispe (mi compañero) and one for E' Padilla. As such, we got to eat plenty of cake and little treats, including the empanada de pollo, (chicken pie) of which I am a huge fan. As a small side note, (and may it not seem like I'm counting) it has been 11 months since I left home. Only 13 lucky months (and 1 day; LEAP YEAR) left in the short time I have. Time is passing very fast, as well as my ability to speak the English. Ni modo, por lo menos mi padre me entenderá. (Either way, at least my dad understands me)
Con amor,
Elder Yates
 Un pequeño catarata que formó en nuestra área después la lluvia
(A small waterfall that formed in our area after rain)
Yo en el 'lago' de dicho catarata en el frío
(Me in the 'lake' of the waterfall in the cold)
E' Quispe una noche, con la calle siendo un río
(E'Quispe one night with the street being a river)
El día de la amistad fue esta semana, y aquí está evidencia que sé cocinar
(The Friendship Day was this week, and here's evidence that I can cook)
Cumpleaños de E' Padilla
(E'Padilla's birthday) 
Cumpleaños de E' Quispe
(E'Quispe's birthday)
un foto de todos los misioneros en El Dorado con el Obispo
(a picture of all the missionaries in El Dorado with the bishop) 
Yo en el estadio famoso 'El Tawuichi' 
(Me at the famous stadium 'The Tawuichi') 
Un día nustra pensión perdió la llave de su cadena, entonces tuvimos que subir su pared para almorzar.
(One day nustra pension lost key chain, then had to climb the wall for lunch) 
Yo y E' Padilla, listos para jugar más pelota
(E'Padilla and I ready to play ball) 
(E'Yates and E'Padilla were the two elders that were injured in the game of Futbol a while ago and now are both well enough to get back to playing. Praying they have better luck from now on)

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