Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, July 20, 2015


First off, ths darned 'i' key isn't working so well, so if one is missing from a word, I'm sorry. Anyway, the most excting event that happened is that I finally received a new companion, only 2 weeks before the next cambios (transfers). His name es E' Quispe, and is from La Paz, Bolivia. He only has a month in the mission, so once again I get to train another fantastic missionary. His other companion finished his mission this week, so E' Quspe got sent out here to enjoy the mud and water. The funniest thing is that he came from an area in the center of the city where everything s paved to an area where the number of paved roads can be counted on one hand - with fingers to spare. To make matters even worse, it rained (again) for several days, once again reducing the area to muddy streets. What a great welcoming party.
Much of ths week was spent introducing the area and the members to my new companion, which included a lot of walking. The good news is that, in all our walking, we found new people to teach and some 'lost' members that were forgotten by the previous missionares. Things are moving along pretty well around here with the people. We had a few problems this week with meetings, however, as keys to buildings were misplaced or the hands of someone else, but things como así pasa de vez en cuando (these things happen sometimes). Eventually we got everything sorted out, so there shouldn't be more problems lke this.
I'm sure that everyone already knows that for the past 4 weeks I was lucky enough to sport a cast on my arm. This past week I was even luckier to be able to get it taken off, and I was set free. As such, my time to train my left arm has finshed for now. We'll see if  get more time later, or if I simply start to use more of my left, as my lefty handwrting wasn't too bad - especally compared with my right arm.
In our travels this week, I was remnded of the great spiritual power and knowledge the missionares have as many people ths week had many difficult questions. What surprsed me the most is that almost all were people with years of learning or specialized work, coming to jóvenes (youth) wth little to no formal trainng or advanced schooling. I'm really grateful for all the wonderfull truths that have been restored so that we don't have to be lost in the darkness that the world tries to gve us. Never forget to read the scriptures; they contain more knowledge than one would think.
Con artíssimo amor,
Elder Yates

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