Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 239th USA!

First off, sorry for the delay in the letter. I got transfered to some village in the middle of nowhere and had to take flota (basically a giant bus for public transport) for 2 hours to arrive at a place that offers internet, and it's really slow connection. Second, I didn't actually get transfered; we just had our activity first this time.
A photo of us on the teeter-totter this morning
Anyway, the weather this week has been pretty abysmal with cold rain the entire week. We only saw the sun for a little bit every other day, giving us false hope for the time to pass. Normally I would describe the conditions of the streets as rivers, but I feel that wouldn't describe it well enough. Instead, I'll put it like this: our areas are one, big lake filled with mud. And no, I still havn't received a new companion.
The work of the Lord continuing forward
Since we're still in trio, we're still trying to cover a very large area in a very short amount of time. Oddly enough, it gets a little difficult. It does mean, however, that I get to get to know other neighborhoods. This last week we wandered out into the middle of nowhere in search of some families in need. The road out there was long and lonely, and we didn't even get to find and jungle to wade in; just more mud. This area really is beautiful this time of year.
The three of us in a torito (small vehicle thingy)
One view of the middle of nowhere

The other view in the middle of nowhere
Since the weather was so fantastic, almost everyone decided to take breaks from work to enjoy the times. As such, we had some good success visiting with people this week. However, it also destroyed the desires of church attendence, leading to a very small Sacrament Meeting. At the very least the building was warm, so I could take off my gloves, scarf, winter hat, and jacket for a while. However, the rest of the day wasn't as wonderfully warm.
As a matter of fact, Saturday was probably the coldest, wettest day of the week. This made a very poor 4 of July, especially as the others wern't as excited as I was for this great and glorious day. We didn't even eat burgers, steaks, nor hot dogs; we actually started to fast for dinner. And, to top everything off, I don't have a flag. I felt so unAmerican...
Anyway, the weather is starting to improve again, so hopefully my clothes will be able to dry (we wash by hand down here, greating learning experience). I also received a box from home, yay me! and thanks Mom! (Also, ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!)
Con amor,
Elder Yates

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